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Giant Moths From Philippines - Attacus Atlas


Giant moths fromPhilippines- Attacus atlas, the Atlas moth, is an enormous saturniid moth endemic to the woodlands of Asia. The species was first depicted via Carl Linnaeus in quite a while 1758 tenth release of Systema Naturae.

The Atlas moth is probably the biggest lepidopteran, with a wingspan comparing 24 cm (9.4 in) and a wing surface area of around 160 cm2 (~25 in2). It is just outperformed in wingspan by the white witch(Thysania Agrippina) and Attacus caesar, and in wing surface region by the Hercules moth(Coscinocera Hercules).

A close up shot of pink-shaded Atlas moth
A close up shot of pink-shaded Atlas moth

As in most Lepidoptera, females are recognizably bigger and heavier than guys, while guys have more extensive antennae.

The body is lopsidedly little contrasted with the wings. The upper side of the wings is ruddy brown with an example of dark, white, pink, and purple lines and three-sided, scale-less windows lined in dark.

The undersides of the wings are paler. The two forewings have an unmistakable expansion at the tip, with markings that look like the top of a snake, a similarity which is misrepresented by developments of the wings when the moth is stood up to by potential predators.

The Atlas moth, one of the giant moths from Philippines, has an extremely short, minimal proboscis, and they don't eat whenever they have risen up out of the cover, depending on the fat capacity for energy.

Each flight takes significant energy and can go home for the days their all-around short resides, as it has an exceptionally short life expectancy of only one to two weeks. They monitor energy by flying as little as could be expected.

A female will trust that a male will go along and be treated, lay eggs, and pass on.

Atlas moths are named after Atlas, the Titan of Greek folklore(because of their size). In Hong Kong, the Cantonese signifies "snake's head moth", alluding to the unmistakable expansion of the forewing which bears a likeness to the top of a snake.

Their natural surroundings are principally dry tropical backwoods, optional woodlands, and shrublands across South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, including Borneo, however one example, a grown-up female, was found in 2012 in Ramsbottom, Englandafter it arrived on a windowsill, and attempted to have gotten away from a private assortment.

In India, Atlas moths are developed for their silk in a non-business limit. Not at all like silk created by the connected homegrown silkmoth (Bombyx mori), Atlas moth silk is discharged as broken strands and is accordingly less alluring.

This brown, fleece-like silk, known as fagara, is remembered to have more prominent durability. Atlas moth casings are some of the time utilized as little pocket change satchels in Taiwan.

A review reasoned that the silk filaments of the map book moth had about an 80% higher thickness of cells and development contrasted with the silk strands of the silk moth.

The Japanese subspecies A. a. ryukyuensis, local to Yonaguni in the Yaeyama Islands, may have filled in as motivation for the film beast Mothra.

A close up shot of a giant moth sitting on a tree
A close up shot of a giant moth sitting on a tree

People Also Ask

What Are The Giant Moths Called?

The biggest moths in North America are cecropia moths (Hyalophora cecropia), which have a place in the family Saturniidae. These moths have great wingspans of somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 inches.

Is There A Moth In The Philippines?

Moths assume a significant part in the normal biological system as pollinators and as food in the established pecking order. The tropical area and when broad areas of rainforest in the Philippines brought about high moth species variety and an exceptionally elevated degree of endemism. Numerous moth species are yet to be portrayed.

What Is The Biggest Moth Ever Recorded?

The greatest moth on the planet hails from, as a matter of fact, Tropical North Queensland! The all-powerful Hercules Moth has an incredible wing range of 27 centimeters. The biggest ever Hercules Moth was found in Innisfail, roughly 110km South of Kuranda.

Are There Atlas Moths In The Philippines?

The Atlas mothlives in Asia, from India to the Philippines and south to Indonesia.

"Buffalo Bill, the early years. 😉"

_AuntB44 (Reddit)

"You can miss me with that. Hell Naw"

_Asher_Ryushima (Reddit)

"They were discovered after the opening of the Acme giant sweater factory"


"“Where is the third moth?!”

“Well, sorry, I put it onto my forehead and then it flew away :(“"

_Demonicon66666 (Reddit)

"I'm guessing these create large larvae the eat large crops."

_eighty2angelfan (Reddit)

"they’re atlas moths if i‘m not mistaken, i think they‘re absolutely beautifull!"


"i’m from the philippines and i’m never going out again"

_WinterMender486 (Reddit)

Loved this, well we have more like a giant tadpole that never evolved to a frogor this camouflaging ability of squids.


There is continuous examination concerning whether the silk of the Atlas moth can be utilized as a substitute for normal silks. The nature of the heavier cases, less prohibitive raising circumstances, and capable properties of the strands makes the silk delivered by the Attacus Atlasmoth a likely option for normal silks.

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