Girl Shares Domino’s Menu Hack That Lets You Order Giant Garlic Pizza Bread

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Published 09.01.20

If you’re still deliberating about what to have when you settle down for the night, this genius hack may just make your mind up.

If you love Domino’s, you’ll know just how poxy their mini garlic pizza breads are – especially when they’re so moreish.

We just need them to be bigger. Miles bigger.

But, where there’s a will there’s a way and with this nifty little trick you can bag yourself a super-sized version despite it not even being on the menu.


What is the Domino’s hack?

Lauren Faulkner, an influencer and YouTuber, spoke about the takeaway hack on her Twitter saying:

“The mini garlic pizza bread from Dominoes is the best thing on the menu hands down and I only just realised you can add garlic butter to a margarita and just get a massive one – I’m so happy”.

The tip soon went viral with over 14,600 likes and some serious commentary.


Seriously though, what is it about garlic – anything garlic – particularly on bread?!

You stink for days, but man, one just can’t get enough – the garlic pizza breads are a million miles better than the pizzas themselves.


Other commenters seem to agree, sharing some of their own tips:

“Or you can add double garlic butter, herbs and extra cheese for the best garlic bread you’ve ever had. Thank me later”.

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“This is my order every time! Garlic spread and extra cheese”, says another.

A third added: “Omg me and my sister used to do this all the time. It was so bad but soooo damn good”.

Lauren has since been branded “an angel” for sharing the hack as garlic pizza bread lovers everywhere rejoice.


“You’re an angel for bringing this into my life”, reads one comment.

With another adding: “Omg her idea is genius”.

The garlic spread is even available as a topping.


Smother it on!


Diets out the window guys?! There’s always next year…

“Awww what the f*** I’m gonna go broke with this discovery”, reads another.

Mate we couldn’t agree more.

Someone even came up with this piece of ingenuity:


It’s never really advisable to be left alone on a Friday and Saturday night with nothing on your mind but continuously monitoring Domino’s pizza tracker counting the seconds until your double XL garlic pizza bread arrives.

Don’t forget the double garlic butter, Kevin – there will be repercussions.

Girl got garlic on the brain.

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