McDonald’s life hacks are just what we need on a gloomy Tuesday, and I’m delighted to tell you that you could get your hands on some free drinks if you’re lucky enough.

One woman discovered a perfect way to get yourself a free hot drink from McDonald’s and it’s so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not trying it.

In this day and age, with dying high-streets and struggling small businesses, failing to compete with online shopping and huge corporations, you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting free coffee through a loophole is a but of a piss-take, but I’m not sure anyone’s going to lose any sleep over McDonald’s life hacks.


It’s an unpopular stance to have and definitely not a fashionable one, but of all of the high-street chains, McDonald’s is up there with the best of them when it comes to selling coffee. I think we can all agree that Starbucks is overpriced, bitter slop, Costa is alright, Nero is good, no-one goes to Harris + Hoole and McDonald’s is actually nice and cheap.

mcdonald's coffee hack

Not cheap enough, though…

Saying that, the amount of effort from the coffee bean farmers themselves is worth paying a decent amount for, but I don’t suppose any of these huge companies have particularly high overheads when it comes to that part of their spending.


Anyway, if you want to get a free coffee from McDonald’s, then this may be the way for you…

One avid tea-drinker from Canada is no stranger to getting a hot drink from McDonald’s – the cold drinks machine is always broken after all – is Sierra Rose Beaulieu, 24.

She took to Twitter with her excellent life hack…


How to get free coffee from McDonald’s

Beaulieu revealed…

She wrote:


Life hack for McDonald’s coffee drinkers, when you order your coffee order a glass of hot water with it (or more than one) they give you the hot water in the coffee cup with the sticker on it to add to the card to get the 8th coffee free. You’re welcome.

I mean that’s pretty genius, right?

Meanwhile, one man has been arrested in Bradford after it transpired he’d been getting free coffees from McDonald’s another way; i.e. having sheets upon sheets of the little, clear plastic stickers that you can find on McDonald’s cups.


The Steerside Enforcement Team wrote on Twitter:

Male arrested for drug driving in @WYP_BradfordS also dealt with for a fraud offence when multiple sheets of fake @McDonaldsUK coffee stickers were found in his vehicle. It may seem inconsequential, but it is illegal to cheat a company like this. Just pay for your coffee!

A criminal really thinking outside of the box there…

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