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GMA Fans Go Wild As Susan Lucci Slaps Michael Strahan In Epic Showdown


On a recent episode of Good Morning America, TV legend Susan Lucci gave former NFL player Michael Strahan a lesson in one of the most iconic gestures in soap operas – the slap. The GMA fans go wild as Susan Lucci slaps Michael Strahan in epic showdown.

The two were discussing heart health and Stroke Awareness Month when the conversation turned to Susan's work on All My Children. Michael touched on one particular thing Susan was known for – the slap.

TV Legend Susan Lucci Teaches Michael Strahan The Art Of The Soap Opera Slap On GMA

"You are known for the slap," he said, causing Susan to laugh. "OK, you can dish that slap out. I'm here – you can teach me how to do the ... Can you teach me how to do the fake slap?"

Susan happily obliged and explained how the slap would be staged. It usually had to be written into a scene and needed to have intention behind the action in order for both actors to "sell" the moment. The camera also had to be at the right angle because she wouldn't actually hit the person in front of her. After clarifying how a soap opera slap was done, it was time for Susan and Michael to perform a scene.

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Susan Lucci honors late husband in honor of Stroke Awareness Month | GMA3

The duo jokingly yelled at one another, saying how they couldn't believe they did something to one another. This led to Susan pretending to hit Michael in the face. Committing to the lesson, Michael landed on the floor and folks in the studio roared with laughter. "You sold that!" Susan said afterward. "You know what? My life is now made. I've retired, everybody!" Michael added.

Fans of the show loved how both Michael and Susan got into the moment. Without skipping a beat, viewers immediately shared how much they enjoyed it on social media. One person wrote, "She is an icon. Absolutely love her! Hoping to see more of her in 2023!" Another added, "This was so cute!" A different follower agreed, saying "She is EVERYTHING!!! 😍".

The exchange between the two stars was a fun moment on the show and showcased the playful side of both Michael and Susan. It also gave viewers a glimpse into how a soap opera scene is crafted and executed. As Susan explained, the slap isn't just about physically hitting someone – it's about intention and emotion. It's about creating a moment that resonates with viewers and draws them in.

Soap operas have been a staple of television for decades, and iconic moments like the slap have become part of the lexicon. Susan Lucci's portrayal of Erica Kane on All My Children made her a household name, and her performance in scenes like the slap helped cement her status as a TV legend.

Michael Strahan, meanwhile, is no stranger to the limelight himself. The former NFL player has made a successful transition to television, working as a co-host on Good Morning America and The $100,000 Pyramid. His chemistry with Susan Lucci on the show was clear, and it's possible that the two could work together again in the future.

"If he plays his cards right, it looks like Michael may have found himself a new job," teasing the possibility of the two collaborating on a project in the future. Whether or not that happens, fans of Good Morning America will always remember the hilarious moment when Susan Lucci taught Michael Strahan the art of the soap opera slap.

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