‘Good Morning Britain’ Viewers Furious After Doctor Claims Pets Don’t Have Emotions Or Love Their Owners

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 01.08.19
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Viewers of Good Morning Britain are furious all over the Twittersphere after a show guest claimed that dogs don’t feel love and don’t feel the same way for their owners as they do about them.

Daytime TV has this wonderful tradition where, if there’s a debate to be had, they get an expert in the field to argue their point and to oppose them, they drag some goon in off the street who happens to feel particularly strongly about that one thing in particular.

Usually it’ll be something about the school system, where they’ll have a professional and experienced child psychologist arguing against someone whose only qualification seems to be having pink hair. Good fun.

Today was no different, as writer and historian Dr Zoe Strimpel was made to have a debate with Pete Wicks from TOWIE about whether dogs could feel love.

Watch it here:

Scraping the old barrel over on ITV, aren’t they? Mind you, I’m writing about it.

Anyway, while Dr Zoe Strimpel’s expertise doesn’t necessarily align with the matter in hand, I’d put money on her knowing more than Pete Wicks who I Googled, only to find out that he’s apparently a nice man who has a couple of dogs.

Distressing viewers all over the UK, Strimpel decided to claim that dogs don’t love humans, saying:

You can love your pet, but there’s a reality check here which is that the pet doesn’t love you as you love your pet.”

GMB presenter Adil Ray then interjected, saying:

But isn’t that humans as well? Humans might be in marriages and relationships, always questioning do they love me or not…

The good doctor then replied with:

I think we can say not all humans love other humans. Some humans are not capable of love, but no pet is capable of the kind of love you’re after.”

That’s when Pete Wicks got involved though, adding:

Based on what? Everyone is capable, if you’re a sentient being, you’re capable of love. People are capable, they just don’t.

Strimpel then simply added that dogs aren’t people, to which Wicks said:

But they are sentient beings capable of complex emotions.

My dog Eric suffers depression and anxiety, that’s a complex emotion, they should be able to express love as well.

This is me writing this article right now, by the way. These boys better love me.

Zoe’s response was thus:

Some of those are natural reactions. I like to think of love as a complex human emotion.”

Pete explained:

Eric suffers separation anxiety when I’m not around. It’s not just that I feed and walk him, I do do that by the way, but it’s not just that.

If I’m not there, he won’t eat. Just because dogs can’t physically say I love you, it doesn’t mean they don’t show you in different ways.

It essentially went on like that for a good while afterwards and no conclusions were drawn. As you might expect though with people and their dogs, there was a lot of anger directed towards Dr Stimpel online…

The thing is, even if dogs can’t love us back, it seems like a terrifically pointless agenda to press. The idea that dogs love humans back really isn’t harming anyone, so why bother trying to prove otherwise?

Also Chris Evans’ dog definitely disproves that…

Images via ITV