Goose Farmer Goes Swimming With Goslings Sitting On His Back

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Published 26.05.20

A goose farmer has gone viral – in the good way, don’t worry – after he filmed himself swimming with a bunch of baby goslings on his back.

A gaggle. That’s what you call them, isn’t it? A gaggle of geese, but baby geese that are cute, rather than the honking pricks that ruin literally any visit to the river.

You can’t imagine ducks and geese having to learn to swim, can you? I haven’t done this, but I imagine if you chuck a baby goose into the water, it just floats there like a tennis ball that likes bread.

Farmer Goslings On His Back Swimming

Nonetheless, apparently they do need to learn to swim and one goose farmer in the city of Tumxuk in north-western China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, took the bullet and taught them how.

Aini got into the lake and encouraged the goslings to follow him into the water, which led to them hopping on his back and being taken on a ride.

Explaining himself, Aini said:

They were scared, so they naturally wanted to climb onto my back“.

Farmer Goslings

The 28-year-old Aini shared the video on his TikTok account and in that, you can see the mother goose floating about nearby, making sure that everything was going alright and her younglings were safe.

Similar to how I learned to swim really; on a Sunday in a pool in East Molesey, sort of leaping and doggy paddling for a grand total of three seconds from my dad to my mum, while my brother watched. We celebrated, went home and then my great auntie, Angie, and her husband, Len, came over, gave my brother and me sweets, I told them that I swam, they congratulated me, we had dinner and then they went home.

Actually that’s nothing like the goose thing.

Not even slightly. Not sure what I was thinking there.


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