Gordon Ramsay is known for being offensive.

So really, it should come as no surprise that he’s generated an awful lot of Ofcom complaints this week.

This time it wasn’t a rubbish restaurant owner on the receiving end of one of his critiques – but a member of the public.

The comments he made about a contestant on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway upset many of the views at home.

Gordon (who we recently discovered has really large feet) was taking part in a game called ‘Read My Lips’. The idea was, he would help members of the public win prizes. He would watch them over Zoom mouthing a word while their microphones were muted. He has to guess what they’re saying by lipreading.

The Sun newspaper found that Saturday Night Takeaway was hit with 104 complaints after it aired. 68 of them from a particular comment Gordon made to a contestant.

While trying to win for a lady called Lorna, Gordon said: “I can’t… It’s the gap in the teeth, I can’t understand what she’s saying.”

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Presenters Ant and Dec laughed it off, however, viewers at home were appalled.

“Gordon Ramsay blaming woman’s gap in her teeth for his failure! Unnecessary!” said one viewer.

“Gordon Ramsay is ruthless,” added another.

His comment also made viewers at home feel self-conscious about their teeth, too.

One wrote: “I have a gap in my teeth and his comment made me feel so insecure!”

Another tweeted: “Imagine being excited to be on tv, only for Gordon Ramsay to insult you & your teeth!”

One social media user had a pop at Gordon’s appearance in return: “I was disgusted to read of Gordon Ramsay‘s humiliation of one of his contestant’s teeth. Maybe someone should comment on that coconut mat he has sewn on his head.”

However, one person came to his defence: “Seeing people get p****d off at Gordon Ramsay for insulting someone’s teeth on tv is f****** hilarious lmao. Like come the f*** on its Gordon Ramsay the one who legit got famous for insulting people like take a joke”.

Gordon has recently taken to TikTok to insult people on there too.


Gordon also caused offence when he appeared to swear while on camera.

The first contestant was saying the word ‘pizza’. Gordon, however, thought he said a swear word. Just ten minutes earlier the TV chef had promised Ant and Dec that he wouldn’t swear.

Ant turned to the camera and said: “I do have to apologise for your language halfway through that.”

It doesn’t seem like Gordon is a good idea for a live show.


Are people right to complain?

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