Gordon Ramsay’s Son Already Has His Dad’s Angry Face

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Published 09.09.19

There’s another Gordan Ramsey in town and it seems like the new arrival has already inherited the best part of the chef. His classic angry face.

The same face that has left many chefs tearing up and quaking in their boots on national TV – the only real difference between the two is that Oscar, who was born this April, is undeniably cute when he pulls it.

Though I’m guessing he’s most likely hangry as it’s feeding time from mum Tana.

The hilarious picture was posted on Twitter recently which left fans picking out the striking similarities between the handsome two.

One fan commented:

“Why doe Gordon Ramsay’s son look like he about to yell at me for overcooking the scallops”

Another fan hilariously replied, “Because overcooked scallops are the worst”

Oscars birth was originally announced on Instagram, where the proud dad of 5, Ramsey, posted: “After 3 baftas and one Emmy… finally we have won an Oscar, please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who touched down at 12:58 today for some lunch! Xxx”

If you need more proof that the angry face Oscar made in the above photo wasn’t a fluke, here’s another picture of baby Oscar scowling like his dad.

Following his birth, his older sister Matilda made Oscar an Instagram account which already has an impressive 118,000 followers – more than I’ll ever have. The famous little chap already has famous followers, with Brooklyn Beckham among the most notable.

Not long ago, an adorable video of Oscar babbling was released on his Instagram page and fans did not hesitate to say his speech sounded more like shouting.

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Having a chat with holly about life ….

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Apart from looking after Oscar with wife Tana, last month Ramsey applied for planning permission to have a £40,000 igloo-style hut in his back garden for guests. As you do.

He will now be opening a brand new Hell’s kitchen in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The third instalment of Hell’s kitchen will be set to open next year.

Maybe in a few years’ time, Oscar will be assisting his dad in giving chefs a bollocking for overcooking salmon.

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