‘GoT’ Fans Are Convinced Sansa Is The New Littlefinger And That She’ll End Up On The Iron Throne

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Published 07.05.19

Game Of Thrones fans are becomingly increasingly convinced that Sansa Stark is like Littlefinger and playing everyone to win the Iron Throne. And the evidence is quite compelling…

GoT has done something very clever and led us to believe that Daenerys is destined for the Iron Throne. However, with each passing episode she looks more and more likely to become the Mad Queen – channeling her father, the “Mad King” King Aerys II Targaryen.

In the most recent episode, Dany ultimately ignored Sansa’s advice to allow her surviving troops to rest before charging King’s Landing, where she was ambushed by Euron Greyjoy and in the process got Rhaegal and Missandei killed.


In the meantime, Sansa has been quietly going about her business, learning from her abuse and the likes of Littlefinger in order to become a master manipulator.

In episode 4 – The Long Night – Jon Snow makes the decision to entrust the secret of his identity as a lost Targaryen heir to Sansa and Arya. He believes that if they swear they won’t tell a soul, his secret will be safe with them. But right after that, Sansa turns around and tells Tyrion.

She knew full well that Tyrion would then take the information back to Varys, who would in turn begin laying out the framework for a huge coup in getting rid of Daenerys.


In fact, we know that’s the case, as Game of Thrones showrunner D.B. Weiss revealed that Sansa knew exactly what she was doing when she gave Tyrion the information.

“[Sansa] knows what will happen if she gives Tyrion this information. She’s a student of Littlefinger, and she knows how information travels, and she can think many steps into the game, the way Littlefinger did,” Weiss shared.

According to The Verge, Weiss said that Sansa expected Tyrion would tell Varys and wanted the story out there, doing everything she can to keep the North autonomous and Dany off the throne.

With Dany slowly spinning out of control in King’s Landing and losing support by the second, Sansa is back at Winterfell, safe, and ready to pick up the pieces when her plan has played out.


It’s possible Sansa’s hoping Cersei will wipe out Daenerys forces – and in turn her dragons – at which point Sansa will kill Cersei and take the throne, because she knows full well Jon doesn’t want it.

As fans may recall, Season 5 of Game of Thrones featured a flashback of Cersei talking to a witch, who told her there will be a “younger and more beautiful” person who destroys her entire world.

People seemed to assume this was Margery Tyrell, but it could well be Sansa. It’d be somewhat poetic for the person Cersei taught to be so manipulative to be the one to kill her.

Suffice to say, fans are definitely picking up on these master manipulator vibes of Sansa’s, with some even believing she’s destined to end up on the Iron Throne.


One Redditor suggested a similar outcome, although they think it’ll be Jon to take the crown.

The only way what happened this episode can make any sense is if Sansa was behind it all.

We can see Sansa’s look of fear when she realizes that Dany started to play the game (Gendry’s scene)

After Bran reveals Jon’s identity She tries to convince Jon to take the iron throne but he wouldn’t listen. What would she do next?

1 – First turn Dany’s people against her. By planting a seed of doubt in Tyrion’s head, it will either make him question her legitimacy or at least talk about it to Varys. This could start a domino effect that will turn Dany into a full tyrant further illegitimatizing her claim to the iron throne.


2 – Second send a raven to Cersei that Dany is on her way to Dragonstone.

a – Dany’s fleet has no northerns [sic] on it.

b – Neither of them will grant the North its independence if they win, so to Sansa they’re both the same except one of them has two dragons.

c – If Cersei defeats Dany in the black water bay then the Northern army are all intact, Sansa can’t afford anymore losses in her armies.

3 – Third thing she does is to send her Assassin sister down to kings landing to kill Cersei. I don’t think Arya would wait for Sansa to tell her to go kill Cersei but i also don’t think she would leave without saying goodbye and i bet Sansa gave Arya a lot of ideas as to how to kill Cersei because she knows Cersei better than her.

They conclude:

So in conclusion Sansa’s objective is to sabotage Dany, helping Cersei to win and end the war very quickly so the North doesn’t suffer any more losses and then assassinate Cersei.

Jon will have no option but to step up and be the king of the seven kingdoms.

Sansa learned a lot from Littlefinger, she’s playing all the possibilities in her head and she expects the worst from anyone who’s not a Stark or a half Stark!

She also learned a lot from Cersei! If you think about it, both their plans are very similar,

Cersei (AOTD vs Dany + The North)


It’s certainly an interesting theory, and it’d be a typical Game Of Thrones curveball to put Sansa on the throne when all is said and done.

Who knows.

That was a lot to take in wasn’t it?

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