Lockdown 2.0 is in place in England until December 2nd at least, but Chancellor Rishi Sunak has hinted that we could be getting a winter version of Eat Out To Help Out.

The scheme over the summer saw many of us flock back to bars and restaurants in search of a bargain before they closed down again.

In an interview this morning (Nov 12) the Chancellor said he had been looking at various schemes that could get people spending again to help boost the economy.

Speaking on Sky News, Rishi said: “We’ll talk about specific measures, but more broadly I think it’s right when we finally exit this [lockdown] and hopefully next year with testing and vaccines, we’ll be able to start to look forward to getting back to normal. We’ll have to look forward to the economic situation then and see what the best form of our support.”

He continued: “We want to get consumers spending again, get them out and about, we’ll look at a range of things to see what the right interventions are at that time.”

Many people are interpreting that to mean a winter version of the discounted dining scheme could be making an appearance.

The initiative involved a government subsidy to make meals out cheaper, and according to the Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report the scheme was responsible for the biggest annual boost in non-essential spending since July 2019.

Gabby Collins, Lloyds Bank head of payments said at the time: “The Eat Out to Help Out scheme not only had a positive impact on restaurants and pubs in August and into September, but we’ve seen a real boost in high-street spending, which is now almost back up to pre lockdown levels.”

The response on Twitter has been strong, to say the least.

Do you think it would be a good idea?

Images via Alamy