The new series of the Great British Bake Off is almost here and Channel 4 have kindly unveiled the 12 bakers competing for that coveted cake stand when the show hits our screens on September 22nd.

Filming for the new series was delayed due to the coronavirus and only resumed after the show’s cast and crew agreed to live in a self-contained biosphere for six weeks.

This year’s line-up will consist of 12 bakers – one fewer than last year’s competition. There’s also been a small shake-up with the cast, with Matt Lucas replacing Sandi Toksvig as host alongside the returning Noel Fielding.

Here are this year’s 12 bakers:


Dave, 30, Security Guard

Dave is a latecomer to the baking scene, only learning the basics after he’s left the family home. Since then, Dave prides himself on being an innovative and imaginative baker whose strength lies in bread. Besides baking, his hobbies include punk rock (often listening to his favourite bands while baking!), cars, DIY and spending time with his pet dog and cat.


Hermine, 39, Accountant

Moving to London for educational purposes in 2001, Hermine was born and raised in Benin. Her heritage has had a major influence on her baking, particularly Benin’s ties to France, with pâtisserie being a favourite of Hermine. Besides millefeuille and éclairs, Hermine is a dab hand at jams and marmalade which she creates as gifts for family and friends.


Laura, 31, Digital Manager

A lover of musical theatre, Laura hopes to bring a flamboyant flair to her bakes. Having begun baking at the age of eight, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that Laura realised she had a knack for it. When she’s not baking or working as a digital manager, Laura serves as a Police Community Support Officer and volunteers for the Samaritans.


Linda, 61, Team Leader

Linda’s baking odyssey began on her aunt’s dairy farm where she’d assist in turning fresh milk from the cows into delicious baked goods. Keeping it in the family, Linda currently uses fruit from her other aunt’s farm to complement her bakes. As her baking experiences suggest, she’s a lover of the countryside and can often be found cultivating produce in her garden.


Loriea, 27, Radiographer

Jamaican born Loriea bakes are often a homage to her Caribbean roots – which often include coconut, chillies and cinnamon. Not one to stick to the recipe, Loriea enjoys experimenting with recipes and tweaking them to her own design. Growing up with a keen interested in athletics, Loriea once met Usain Bolt.


Lottie, 31, Pantomime Producer

Lottie was born with baking in her DNA, having been inspired to pick up the rolling pin by her great-grandmother who she describes as “a fervent cake-baker”. When she’s not perfecting her baking skills, Lottie enjoys playing computer games with her young cousins and practising yoga.


Makbul, 51, Accountant

Man honed his baking skills through reading books and watching TV shows – all in an effort to support his mum. He possesses the enviable superpower of being able to measure out ingredients by eye and specialises in pastries. Mak is also a beekeeper who produces his own honey for use in his bakes.


Marc, 51, Sculptor

Marc began baking back in 2016 as a form of therapy after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident. Being a single parent, Marc hopes to show his daughters that you can rise to new challenges whatever life throws at you. Alongside his work as a sculptor and landscape photographer, he still takes part in his youth-passion of mountain climbing.


Mark, 32, Project Manager

Mark developed his love of baking as a student, during which time he would pay daily visits to an Edinburgh pie shop. Traveling regularly as part of his job working on public health research programmes, Mark takes recipe inspiration from Africa and Asia, as well as his home country of Northern Ireland.


Peter, 20, Student

Currently studying Accounting and Finance at university, Edinburgh-born Peter was inspired to bake by Bake Off itself. He’s watched every series of the show and began baking at the young age of 12 years old. As a proud Scott, Peter is no stranger to using berries, whisky, oats and honey in his recipes. Not just a baking prodigy, he’s represented his country on the badminton court.


Rowan, 55, Music Teacher

Referring to his baking style as “ostentatious”, Rowan doesn’t shy away from the more sophisticated recipes – especially when it comes to French baking. He’s also a man of history with a keen interest in adding a modern twist to 18th-century recipes. His present interests include swimming (he swims a mile most mornings), cycling, and horse riding.


Sura, 31, Pharmacy Dispenser

Sura lives with her husband and grandmother in London, where she experiments with flavours linked to her Middle Eastern and Asian heritage. She loves to improvise in the kitchen, especially when it comes to working with her favourite ingredients: cardamom, rose and orange blossom. Outside of baking, Sura is a fan of travel, architecture and design.  

The Great British Bake Off returns to Channel 4 on September 22nd at 8pm.

Images via Channel 4 / Love Productions