For British people, no greater symbol of our culture and character exists than the brilliant baking show.

Never has a population faked expertise on such mass as they do for Great British Bake Off. Viewers will look eagle-eyed at egg white whisking then gasp when the contestant failed to tip the bowl upside down above their heads.

Amazingly, GBBO has been a part of our annual British television viewing for nearly a decade! The corny humour, sugary confectionary and brutal judging by Paul Hollywood is the perfect recipe for a British TV show.


Luckily for us, our British need for moaning, baked goods and double entendres will soon be fulfilled as GBBO is returning soon.

Taking to its official Twitter page, Channel 4 announced that the beloved cooking show will return to small screens everywhere on Tuesday, August 27 at 8pm.

The announcement was made with a magnificent poster of a Mad Hater’s Tea Party scene showing Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith sat down awaiting to judge a variety of delectable delights. Host Noel Fielding is dressed as the Mad Hatter serving tea to Sandi Toksvig and the other judges.

Could this be a hint of a possible Mad Hatter’s Tea party themed week? Because “there ain’t no Party like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”.

Though this is not the only odd promotion to come out of GBBO.


Interestingly, a peculiar video was released last month with baguette fencing, riots for baking goods and a goth with Jelly (maybe that’s Noel’s doing). Even the actual Cookie Monster appeared!

Potential surprise judge for biscuit week?

As we wait in anticipation for the show to return to our screens, we’re wishing the contestants well and hoping they don’t get too many “soggy bottoms”

GBBO will return on the 27th of August at 8pm.


I’m there.

Images via Channel 4