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11 TV Shows That Gave Viewers Great First Episode And Finale


There are a lot of TV showsout there, but it's unusual for a show to have a great first episode and finale. So here are some TV showsthat managed to have both a perfect pilot and a memorable series finale:

Mad Men

 Mad Men casts
Mad Men casts

Pilot: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Remember in the first episode when they introduced the big bad world of advertising How fascinating was it to learn about the role of advertising in consumerism?

Finale: Person To Person

And the final episode ended nicely and smoothly, with the same theme of hinting at the brains behind successful ad campaigns. Classic!


 Friends casts
Friends casts

Pilot: Pilot

How can we forget Friends' first episode? The show completely captivated its audience the moment everyone saw the gang chilling at Central Perk, as well as when Rachel rushed in haphazardly.

Finale: The Last One

Then, in the final episode, everyone stood in the apartment for the final time, all grown up and almost unwilling to leave.


Phoebe Waller in a black dress sitting in a restaurant
Phoebe Waller in a black dress sitting in a restaurant

Pilot: Episode 1

What happens when a priest and a skeptic fall in love? Certainly a good deal of complex emotions. However, the first episode begins with Fleabag still single and oblivious to who she is about to meet next.

Finale: Episode 6

Can I just say that the show's final episode is almost soothing (even if a little sad), with how the two parts part ways amicably?

The Haunting Of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House casts standing in front of a big house
The Haunting of Hill House casts standing in front of a big house

Pilot: Steven Sees A Ghost

If a house with a mind of its own and a ruthless killing machine doesn't terrify you, you probably have a high threshold for horror and the supernatural. The Haunting of Hill House begins with a tragedy that traumatizes the Crain siblings.

Finale: "Silence Lay Steadily"

It also concludes with a tragedy, but this time it leaves all of the siblings ready to move on from their trauma and the audience feeling much less troubled.

Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek casts wearing wedding attire
Schitt's Creek casts wearing wedding attire

Pilot: The Cup Runneth Over

The first episode is simply epic, with a posh family falling from riches to rags and being forced to make do with what they have left.

Finale: Happy Ending

And the finale is essentially a big warm hug wrapped up in an episode. Isn't it adorable to see the family go out of their way to make things right for David?

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad casts
Breaking Bad casts

Pilot: Pilot

What else would you expect from a chemistry teacher who becomes a crystal meth maker? There's a reason why this show was so popular with so many people. Calling all Breaking Bad fans!

Finale: Felina

Despite the fact that Walt dies in the end, the satisfaction of knowing he killed his enemies is simply too great to ignore. What a creative way to retaliate against someone.

Parks And Recreation

Parks and Recreation casts
Parks and Recreation casts

Pilot: Pilot

Is it possible for a mockumentary to fail to impress an audience? Especially if it is based on a sense of humour about office culture! The show begins with Leslie Knope dealing with all of her town's hilarious complaints.

Finale: One Last Ride

It concludes with a fun team assignment, as Leslie assigns the entire team to repair a set of swings.


Dark casts
Dark casts

Pilot: Secrets

Folks, this is science fiction at its finest. The show begins with a lot of mystery and suspense.

Finale: Paradise

And concludes with a reveal about the outcome of a complicated time travelsecret.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman
BoJack Horseman

Pilot: The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One

An excellent animated sitcom that begins with Bojack realizing what he wants to do with his life.

Finale: Nice While It Lasted

And it concludes on a touching and insightful note. Who knew cartoons could be so full of wisdom?

Mare Of Easttown

Kate Winslet looking sullen
Kate Winslet looking sullen

Pilot: Miss Lady Hawk Herself

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned murder mystery to kick off a show! That's what a good crime drama does to you: it makes you want more. And keeping you awake at night by binge-watching episode after episode.

Finale: Sacrament

Okay, everyone knows who the bad guy is at the end, and it would be terrible to reveal it right now, because what if someone decides to watch it?

How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away with Murder casts
How to Get Away with Murder casts

Pilot: Pilot

The shows with a completely unsuspecting perpetrator are the ones that drive us all to addiction. The film How to Get Away with Murder begins with no one knowing who the murderer is.

Finale: Stay

Of course, this, too, concludes with a big satiating reveal.


Endings can be tricky, especially when it comes to our favorite TV shows. Why? They become family after spending so much time with and investing so much emotion in these beloved characters. And people expect a conclusion that not only sends out everyone on a high note, but also ties up all of the show's loose ends and makes viewers feel good about the time we've spent in these people's company. Yes, it may appear that viewers are expecting a lot from the final episode of a TV show. Perhaps a little too much. That is probably why so many of them end up feeling let down. So when a show ends well, it's a success. The list of shows that end better than that — truly great endings — is short. Here is a list of the top 11 best TV pilot episodes and finales of all time.

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