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Greek Elections Mitsotakis Celebrates Conservative Victory And Promises Reform


In a resounding victory, Greek conservative leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has emerged triumphant in the country's second election in a month. Mitsotakis declared that his party, New Democracy (ND), has received a "strong mandate" from the Greek people to pursue a path of rapid change and progress. With the majority of votes counted, ND secured an impressive 40.5% of the vote, a staggering lead of nearly 23 points over the centre-left party Syriza.

Addressing his jubilant supporters in Athens, the Greek Elections Mitsotakis celebrates conservative victory and promises reform.

The people have given us a safe majority. Major reforms will go ahead quickly.- Greek Conservative Leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis

This statement from Mitsotakis emphasizes the significance of the election results and his commitment to implementing necessary changes in Greece.

Mitsotakis is credited with successfully returning the Greek economy to stability and growth after a severe debt crisis and three international bailouts. Under his leadership, the Greek economy has witnessed a remarkable turnaround. Despite the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis faced by many Greeks, the voters have opted to stay the course with the party that promises lower taxes and an improved public health system.

Mitsotakis Win - Greek Election Voters Choose Stability And Economic Growth

The vote came 11 days after a tragic migrant boat incident off the Greek coast, claiming the lives of an estimated 500 people. While the nation mourned, the disaster had minimal impact on the campaign, and Greeks prioritized the maintenance of economic stability. The Greek electorate recognized the importance of continuing the path toward stability and growth, and they expressed their support for Mitsotakis and his party.

Greece election: Kyriakos Mitsotakis becomes Prime Minister again, 2 months after stepping down

A Strong Mandate For Change And Progress

Last month, New Democracy fell just short of a parliamentary majority in the 300-seat parliament, prompting the decision to call for a second election in the pursuit of a stable, single-party government. Greek election rules grant the largest party a bonus of 20 to 50 additional seats, and with over 40% of the vote, New Democracy secured the maximum 50 seats. This strong majority will enable Mitsotakis and his party to push forward with their proposed reforms and swiftly implement necessary changes.

Mitsotakis tempered expectations by emphasizing that he couldn't guarantee miracles, but he expressed New Democracy's determination to set "high goals" aimed at transforming Greece, particularly in the areas of public health services and education.

Rise Of The Far-Right Spartans Party

One notable aspect of the election was the emergence of the far-right Spartans party, which garnered nearly 4.7% of the vote, surpassing the 3% threshold to enter parliament. The Spartans gained prominence this month when the Supreme Court banned another far-right party, the Greeks, leading its imprisoned founder, Ilias Kasidiaris, to throw his support behind the Spartans. Kasidiaris previously served as the spokesman for the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which was outlawed as a criminal organization.

When combined with nationalist Greek Solution and ultra-conservative Niki (Victory), the three hard-right parties amassed close to 13% of the vote and secured 34 seats in parliament. Mitsotakis' victory stands out in Greek politics, as few parties manage to increase their share of power after their first term in office. Moreover, he succeeded in attracting more young voters than his rival, benefiting from the fragmentation of the left-wing vote, with Socialist PASOK receiving over 11% and the Communist KKE garnering around 7%.

Mitsotakis' Resilience And Teflon-Coated Leadership

Kyriakos Mitsotakis has established himself as a resilient leader, weathering a series of crises over the past year. Despite facing challenges such as a rail disaster and a wire-tapping scandal that led to the downfall of the intelligence chief and even his own nephew, who served as the prime minister's chief of staff, Mitsotakis managed to navigate through these obstacles unscathed. The Greek electorate has recognized his ability to lead with resilience and integrity.

Greek Conservative Leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis Talking To A Mic With His One Arm Raised
Greek Conservative Leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis Talking To A Mic With His One Arm Raised

Greece's Shifting Views On Migration

Greece's response to the migration crisis has played a significant role in shaping the views of its voters. Most Greeks now lean towards stricter and more conservative policies due to the 2020 migration crisis along the Evros River, during which Turkey attempted to push thousands of migrants into Greek territory. Mitsotakis' swift action in response to this external threat to national sovereignty resonated with the majority of the Greek public.


In conclusion, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his New Democracy party have secured a resounding victory in the Greek elections, providing them with a clear mandate for reform. The focus now shifts to implementing the promised changes, which aim to propel Greece forward in areas such as public health and education.

As Mitsotakis assumes leadership with an enhanced parliamentary majority, the expectations for transformative measures are high. Only time will tell how effectively his government can deliver on its ambitious goals and continue to lead Greece towards a brighter future.

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