Greta is at it again.

The teenage environmentalist has previously used Twitter to slap down Donald Trump, and now she’s using it to have a dig at Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She has changed her Twitter bio to “bunny hugger”, in what many are seeing as an apparent dig at Boris Johnson. Many have been mocking the Prime Minister after a rambling speech at a climate summit.

Greta also previously changed her name on Twitter to Sharon after a contestant on a game show got her name wrong.

He said it was not “politically correct bunny hugging” to take action against climate change.

However, it wasn’t the only bit of his speech to raise eyebrows. He also came out with this memorable line: ‘Cake: have, eat is my message to you’. Quite.

Previously her Twitter bio read: “Seriously annoying climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s.”


Boris Johnson’s comments came as part of a virtual summit of world leaders. They are meeting to discuss international action that is required to curb rising global temperatures.

He said: “It’s vital for all of us to show that this is not all about some expensive, politically correct, green act of bunny hugging, or however you want to put it, there’s nothing wrong with bunny hugging.”

It wasn’t long before #bunnyhugging was trending on social media.

The prime minister said it was also about “growth and jobs” and agreed that US president, Joe Biden, was “right to stress that”.

“We can build back better from this pandemic by building back greener.”


Greta didn’t hold back yesterday. She warned US politicians that they will be held accountable for climate catastrophes. The environmentalist said history would not look back on them kindly if they don’t stop subsidising fossil fuel production.

Thuberg also called tax breaks for the industry a “disgrace.”

Greta appeared virtually to a House of Representatives panel. In the video interview, she responded to some of the comments they had made so far.

US President Joe Biden kicked off the summit by pledging to cut US greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

The summit will be two days long, and started on Earth Day.

Major economies including China, Brazil, Russia and India are taking part.

As well as the UK and the US, Japan and Canada have also been announcing more ambitious goals to cut emissions over the next ten years.


Many social media users weren’t impressed with the bunny hugging comment, either.

One tweeted: “The embarrassment of this just raised the earth’s temperature by another 0.5 degrees.”

Another added: “I can’t quite express how embarrassed I am at how the UK is being represented on the world stage right now #bunnyhugging.”

Someone else joked: “Don’t get me wrong, I too have taken recreational drugs in the past. But never immediately before appearing on national television.”

Do you think he meant well?

Image via Alamy.