The internet just got even more bizarre. 

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist. She is known around the world for challenging leaders to take action against climate change. 

Thunberg became a household name back in 2018 when she organised a school strike for climate action. 

She was just 15 years old when she decided to skip school and stand outside Swedish Parliament and protest. 

Every day she would strike from school and protest with a sign which reads ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’. 

In English, that translates to school strike for climate. 

 In 2019, Thunberg attended the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. To reduce her carbon footprint, she avoided flying.

Instead, the young activist sailed to North America to attend the summit. It was there that she gave her famous speech, in which she exclaims “how dare you”. 

That phrase has since been widely circulated online by the media. Unfortunately for Greta, the phrase has also been turned into a meme.  

She continues to be an outspoken advocate for action against climate change, and she uses social media to spread her message. 

Viral Dance Sensation

Now, she’s been turned into a viral dance sensation. 

Channel 4 have released a deepfake video of ‘Greta’ dancing on the internet. Impressively (and alarmingly), the deepfake is so convincing that you wouldn’t know it wasn’t Greta herself. 

Two videos have been released. The first is a video of ‘Greta’ dancing to a song called ‘Man Like Greta’.

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The second video features ‘Greta’ teaching people the ‘Man Like Greta’ dance to an original song about climate change. 

Whilst the videos do not actually feature the real Greta, they do involve real people. ‘Greta’ is performed by Katia Kvinge, who is an impressionist.

The song used in the videos is written by Stu Richards and Alasdair Beckett-King. 

In the tutorial video, Kvinge says “Hi I’m Greta Thunberg, viral dance sensation”. 

Why Does The Deepfake Exist?

Speaking about the thought process behind the video, Channel 4 said:

“Whilst humorous in approach, this captivating content aims to deliver an urgent and important message about the impact of climate change in the lead up to Earth Day, as well as looking to increase our audiences’ awareness of deepfake technology and how it can be used.”

Kvinge adds: “We all know Greta is a brilliant activist but she’s also shown a great sense of humour in how she’s dealt with various politicians and obstacles in her own witty, dry way and it was my pleasure to play her.”

Digital commissioner at Channel 4, Laura Marks, said: “What better way to mark Earth Day than by tapping into TikTok and reimagining how Greta might approach it,”

“‘Man like Greta’ is an affectionate parody of our favorite climate change activist, we love Greta and her sense of humour, so maybe Greta will even have a go herself.”

Image via Channel 4/Alamy