Groom’s Ex Shows Up To Wedding In Own Bridal Dress And Ruins Everything

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 09.04.19

Weddings, eh?

I always wonder why, in the films, people leave it until the wedding day to stake their claim that the bride and groom shouldn’t spend the rest of their lives together.

If I was getting married and then an ex showed up – who I still secretly wanted to be with – and convinced me not to marry my fiance, I’d be pretty bloody furious at her for letting it get to the point where I’d spent all of the money of the wedding, only to let it go to waste.

Tell me before I start putting down deposits on venues and looking at floral arrangements. Save us both time and money.

Certainly don’t turn up to my wedding in your own bridal dress and approach the alter. Terrible form. What were you thinking?

Obviously this sounds like a far cry from anything that would ever happen, but you read the title and saw the picture so you already know that I was looking for an angle to actually segway into the actual point of this article. That’s right, I’m done talking about me.


There’s not much context for this video, but what we do know was that it was a wedding between a man and woman and just as they were about to share a kiss, the man’s ex showed up and ruined everything.

The video has no sound, but the ex was reportedly shouting “it was my fault” as she begged on the ground, wearing her own wedding gown.

The actual bride initially seems to keep it together but before long, she – rather understandably – loses patience with the whole affair, promptly storming off.

It’s just unbelievable.

You can tell that in her head, this was a fantastic idea and there was no way that it could fail.

I don’t know, maybe it did work. It seems unlikely but it turns out that anything’s possible.

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