Maneater is the new game that allows you to control a shark and eat people, and is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

At some point in our lives, no matter how old, we all played a Grand Theft Auto game.

They’re decent fun, right? You go around doing bits and bobs, starting up brothels and gangs, getting on police officers’ nerves and basically being at fault for a lot of destruction and debauchery.


But have you ever thought “hey, I’d like to play Grand Theft Auto but as a shark,” and no, not like a loan shark – something you can be in the game – but as an actual shark?

grand theft auto shark

You probably haven’t, but just in case, you can do that now.

Courtesy of TripWire, Maneater is the new game which debuted at E3 last year and allows you to control a pretty hungry shark, that eats both people and sea creatures.


Have a look at the trailer…

Doesn’t look fantastic there, but the gameplay weirdly has better graphics and more point than the trailer.

It’s probably better you watch that instead…


Pretty gruesome.

It certainly looks interesting, but not something I could imagine playing for more than 15 minutes at a time.

It sort of reminds me of the excellent Spider-Man PS4 game but after you’ve completed the story and you’re just going around collecting backpacks and taking photos of museums. It’s sort of fun and something to fill 20 minutes whilst you’re listening to a podcast, but it’s not a full on game.


Apparently I’m wrong though and there is a story, since TripWire president John Gibson said:

The three words that we think sum up the game best are: eat, explore, and evolve.

Pete is the best fisherman in the gulf, [and] he’ll tell you he’s the best shark fisherman. He disfigures our baby shark at the beginning of the game, and he does some really nasty things, so he’s not a very nice guy.

maneater video game

The story of Maneater is told through the lens of a reality show called ‘Sharkhunters versus Maneaters’. It’s like GTA if you were a shark.”

On top of that, you sort-of “level up” your shark, as Gibson continued:

Growth comes about through eating things – nutrients, people, whatever you can find. And that’s kinda like your XP in the game; that allows you to level up, your shark will grow a little bit, he’ll get more powerful. Then at key phases we call ‘life phases’, you’ll make a big jump.


gameplay maneater game

As you reach these life phases, you unlock evolutions, which can be applied to parts of the shark’s body. For example, you could get metallic teeth that’ll allow you to shred boats, or a powerful tail that allows you to jump to incredible heights.

Or you could get mutated lungs that allow you to spend a little more time on the beach getting those afternoon snacks.”

I don’t know, it just seems like a ‘Game of the Week’ sort of mobile game that you could get on the App Store, play on your commute a couple of times and then forget you have it.

Maneater is available now.

Images via TripWire, Rockstar