Gunther Actor Michael Tyler Appeared On ‘This Morning’ With Holly And Phil And He Looks Completely Different

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Published 25.09.19

Gunther is a real unsung hero of Friends.

A huge favourite among Friends fans across the world, his unrequited love for Rachel Green was one of the most important storylines across the show’s 10 seasons, and was, despite popular belief, not at all creepy.

In fact, things were nearly very different for him and Rachel. As Metro found out, he was actually supposed to end up with this love (at least for a bit).


It never went through but they were going to have Rachel move in with Gunther,’ actor James Michael Tyler said, who was initially cast as an extra in Friends before Gunther became so popular.

‘It just didn’t read, even to me. I was not ungrateful that it didn’t work. Through no fault of Jennifer or myself or the writing, it just felt contrived and everything else that happened in the series, and continues to be, was quite organic’

What could have been eh?

What does Gunther from Friends look like now?

But more importantly than that, Tyler recently appeared on This Morning with Holly and Phil and he is completely unrecognisable!


The 57-year-old, who is in the UK to take part in the Comedy Central’s FriendsFest, appeared on the show, and joked how he only got to speak for the first time in the ’33rd episode of the second season’

gunther from friends different

What did Gunther say about a Friends reunion?

“I wasn’t aware of where it was going to go. It happened organically,” he said.

“It was going to be about a two episode arc in my mind but they kept it for ten years and I’m very grateful for that.”

Watch him with Holly and Phil here:

“People tell me to get out of the way at these Friends events and then they realise who I am and say, ‘Oh I’m sorry!’” he said.


He also admitted he doesn’t think a reboot of the show would be a good idea, telling Holly and Phil, “Why mess with perfection?

“I don’t know if a reboot would have the same weight or quality. They tied it up in a nice little bow.

People actually couldn’t believe it was him.


This comes after another This Morning/Friends connection.

Surprisingly, ol’ Phil once made a cameo on the iconic sitcom. 

Bizarre right?!