Guy Covers His Tracks Perfectly After He Eats His Wife’s Chocolates

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 08.04.19
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There’s nothing quite like the anger you feel when you find out that someone’s eaten something you were really looking forward to.

I’ve had it once or twice in the office and I’ve got to say, I was absolutely livid. Conversely, I’ve contemplated it once. Someone had one of those Oreo yogurts in the fridge and it looked gorgeous. I’m ashamed to say that I was dangerously close to eating it.

I saw the light in the end though, and left the yogurt as it was.

Sadly, some people don’t carry around as much shame as I do, so they go ahead and steal food like there’s no tomorrow.

Take stand up comedian Joe Heenan, for example. The father and husband saw no issue in taking his wife’s chocolates but was at least self-aware enough to cover his track and to his credit, his method was pretty ingenious.

Turning to Twitter with his MacGyver-like instincts, Heenan shared how he used brown sauce to keep him in the clear…

Ate the rest of the wife’s chocolates so I covered my tracks by using brown sauce.

I think I’ll get away with it

Well, I say it was a genius move, only at first.

From a distance you could be fooled, that’s for sure, but the minute Mrs Heenan decides to actually have a chocolate, rather than just look at them, then there’s an issue.

The least he could have done was freeze them so the brown sauce would have a similar structural integrity to the chocs, but no. No time, apparently.

This guy gets it…

You still have to admire his graft…

Images via Getty/Twitter

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