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Guy Cut Hole In Wall And Was Shocked By What Comes Pouring Out


When you cut a hole in your wall, you never know what you will find. This was especially true for a man who made an unexpected discovery after cutting a hole in the wall of his home.

A guy cut hole in wall and was shocked by what comes pouring out. The man, who remains unidentified, was shocked when a deluge of acorns came pouring out of the hole, covering the floor and surrounding furniture.

Man Makes Shocking Discovery After Cutting Hole In Wall

A California guy cut hole in wall and was shocked by what comes pouring out. That man had noticed a small hole in the wall of his home and decided to investigate. Upon cutting a larger hole, he was met with a surprise.

Acorns, hundreds of them, came pouring out of the wall, tumbling down to the floor and leaving the homeowner completely bewildered.

The man soon realized that a woodpecker had been drilling holes into the side of his home to store its acorns. The bird had been using the holes as a cache, a place to store food for later use.

The acorns in the wall were intended to be eaten by the woodpecker during the winter months when food is scarce. The homeowner's discovery went viral after he shared a video of the incident on social media.

The video showed the homeowner cutting a hole in the wall and being shocked by the outpouring of acorns. People were amazed and amused by the unusual discovery and the video quickly gained thousands of views.

The story of the homeowner's discovery highlights the fascinating behaviors of woodpeckers and their unique relationship with acorns. Woodpeckers are known to be excellent problem solvers, and they have a unique strategy for storing food.

They will drill holes into trees or walls to create caches, storing food inside for later consumption. This behavior allows woodpeckers to have a reliable source of food throughout the year, even during the harsh winter months.

Acorns, in particular, play an important role in the lives of woodpeckers. Acorns are a valuable food source for birds and are rich in fats and oils, providing them with the energy they need to survive. Woodpeckers will often store large quantities of acorns in their caches, ensuring they have enough food to last them through the winter.

While the homeowner was initially shocked by the outpouring of acorns, the discovery is a testament to the remarkable behaviors of woodpeckers.

These birds have a remarkable ability to adapt to their environment and find new ways to store food. Their ingenuity and survival instincts have allowed them to thrive in the wild, and their relationship with acorns is just one example of this.

Woodpecker stored over 700lbs of acorns in walls of CA home, pest control company says

The homeowner's discovery is also a reminder of humans' important role in preserving wildlife and their habitats. As urban areas continue to grow, it is important to recognize the impact that this growth has on wildlife and their habitats.

The homeowner's discovery highlights the need for responsible land-use practices that allow wildlife to continue to thrive in urban areas.

What Is The Reason Behind Finding Acorns In Your Wall?

Finding acorns in your wall can be a surprise and raise many questions about how they got there. The presence of acorns in your wall cavity is often a result of a woodpecker or other bird species drilling holes into the wood of your home to store their food supply.

This behavior is common among woodpeckers and they often use these holes as a cache for their acorn supply. Over time, the acorns may fall out of the holes and into the wall cavity, leading to their discovery by homeowners.

Woodpeckers are known for their distinctive drumming sounds as they peck at the wood in search of insects, but they also drill holes into the wood for food storage. In the case of acorns, woodpeckers will drill a hole into the bark of a tree or a wooden surface and then insert an acorn into the hole.

The acorn serves as a source of food for the bird during lean times, such as winter. However, if the hole is located in a home or building, the acorn may fall out of the hole and into the wall cavity, where it may be discovered by homeowners.

If you find acorns in your wall, it is important to check the exterior of your home for signs of woodpecker activity, such as holes in siding or tree trunks, or the distinctive drumming sounds of the birds.

If the problem persists, there are steps you can take to deter the woodpeckers from drilling holes into your home. One solution is to cover the holes with wood filler, which can help to block the birds' access to the wood.

Another option is to hang a woodpecker deterrent, such as a fake owl or snake, near the area where the birds are causing damage.

Some acorns placed on a wooden board
Some acorns placed on a wooden board

So, finding acorns in your wall can be a surprise, but it is a common issue for homeowners. If you discoveracorns in your wall, it is important to inspect the exterior of your home for signs of woodpecker activity and take steps to deter the birds if necessary. This will help to prevent further damage to your home and keep your walls acorn-free.

People Also Ask

What Shocked The Homeowner After Cutting A Hole In The Wall?

After cutting a hole in the wall, the homeowner was shocked to find acorns pouring out of it.

What Was Found Pouring Out From The Hole In The Wall?

The homeowner found acorns pouring out of the hole in the wall.

How Did The Homeowner React To The Surprise Pouring Out Of The Wall?

The homeowner was surprised and taken aback by the acorns pouring out of the wall.


Guy cut hole in wall and was shocked by what comes pouring out. It was acorns that came out of wall. The homeowner's discovery of a deluge of acorns pouring out of his wall is a fascinating reminder of the unique behaviors of woodpeckers and their relationship with acorns.

The discovery highlights the need for humans to be mindful of their impact on wildlife and to take steps to protect and preserve habitats. Whether you're cutting a hole in your wall or exploring the wild, it's important to remember the importance of preserving the natural world and its remarkable inhabitants.

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