A woman has been shunned online after she trolled a guy’s friend on Tinder for being in a wheelchair.

22-year-old graphic designer Brad Cowell has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair for his entire life.

Over time, he says he’s almost gotten used to the insults often fired at him, but one night when he and a mate where playing on their Xbox and swiping through Tinder, he received one particular nasty message.

After matching with a girl, Brad’s friend Chris received a message saying that she hopes the wheels fall off on Brad’s chair, before clarifying that she was referring to Chris’s disabled friend.



Taking to Twitter, Brad shared images of what happened and wrote:

Not normally one to tweet about something like this but I’m getting a bit sick of people thinking they can get away with it. Some girl messaged one of the Boys on Tinder saying this. Whoever you are you rat say it to me. I’ve DM’d you on insta“.



In the replies to this tweet, there are a lot of people saying that the real girl would never say anything like that and that her Tinder account had been hacked. People are pretty steadfast with this particular stance and the replies are coming through thick and fast…


Speaking to The Mirror about the sort of abuse he often gets, Brad said:

You hear snide remarks, sense people looking at you. It’s not a very nice feeling, but I don’t normally say anything as they get defensive.

I’m sick of having to deal with it. I didn’t say anything to this girl.

My disability doesn’t bring me down, but this kind of comment could really hurt someone else if they heard it, they might not have the same confidence I have.

There’s nothing worse than when you build up confidence and someone comes along and shuts you down“.

He went on…


I’m glad it’s had a good response, hopefully it means people in a worse situation than me can see that there are people out there that support them“.

It’s a great attitude to have from Brad there and let’s just hope that everything is resolved nicely.