One guy got in serious trouble with his girlfriend after pranking her on Snapchat.

I have previous with looking like a woman, using apps, and trying to piss people off with the pictures.

Back in the day when Faceapp was big, I even made a Tinder account for girl-me (called Morgan) for an article. I used these pictures, among others, and I’ll be honest, I sort of fancy her…


But now Snapchat has a filter that allows fellas to see themselves as otherwise, and the results are pretty convincing. I tried to get Josh with my one, but I’m not sure he bit. He was almost 100% being ironic but listen, I’ll take what I can get these days…

But apparently I wasn’t the only person using this (what am I saying? Of course I wasn’t… Snapchat is huge), as one guy got in a lot of trouble with his girlfriend after he used the filter to prank her.

Taking a picture of himself and applying the filter, Ryan Hill snapped the picture to his girlfriend with the caption “I have your bf’s t-shirt on“.


He then played up to it, then sending “Don’t look at the snap I just sent you xx“. It’s fair to say that she wasn’t even slightly amused.

She replied, saying:

Are you f*cking serious. Don’t even bother coming here after work.


To which he answered: “Why what was it?

She then went with the diplomatic “Why the f*ck is another girl got your t-shirt on. You’re getting blocked.” It took a while for things to calm down after that…

He apologised, obviously, and eventually Ryan’s victim was convinced, but that didn’t make her any happier…

Ryan shared the post to Facebook where it performed immensely well, of course, but you have to spare a thought for his girlfriend.


We all lose our heads for stupid reasons at some point in our lives. At least she kept her principles about her.

Images via Ryan Hill (Facebook)