Guy Manages To Get Girl’s Number On Tinder In Most Genius Way Ever

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Published 05.04.19
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I’m out of the online dating game these days and I can’t say I miss it.

All that incessant swiping looking for one hit, god it’s demoralising. And then when you finally get a match, they don’t reply.


Luckily I found a girl willing enough to see past my atrocious dating game and love me for me (at least I think she does) but some fellas out there aren’t as fortunate.

Through stiff competition, men have been forced to come up with increasingly ingenious ways of wooing a potential suitor, which includes scoring that ever elusive phone number.

‘Duck Guy’ is flying the flag for these men, as he came up with arguably the most creative way ever to get a girl’s digits.

He takes her on a Black:Mirror style, choose-your-own-adventure and it works a treat.

This guy has serious game (stick with it because it pays off).


We mere mortals can’t compete with that level of game, but people were loving it nonetheless.

What a legend.

Bet he ends up marrying her.

Images via Imgur/Bored Panda

H/T: Bored Panda

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