Guy Naruto Runs Behind News Anchor During Area 51 Storm Report

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Published 20.09.19

The storming of Area 51 is supposedly set to go down today and with that, a news link caught the moments a man “Naruto ran” behind a reporter.

I’ve got to be honest here; anime and the things that come along with it are completely lost on me. I was a Pokémon boy back in the day, but I’m not sure that counts. I didn’t even know “Naruto running” had a name before this whole Area 51 storming thing.

There was a kid in my junior school who used to run like that and at the time I just put that down to him being a weirdo – I think he moved to South Africa so I doubt he’ll read this – but maybe it turns out he was just a fan of anime?


Anyway, with the storming of Area 51 allegedly taking place at some point today, Naruto runners were supposed to charge at the security, outrunning the bullets fired in defence.

The rather complicated – and very tactically inept – plan showed their part in the raid, along with other meme characters…

area 51 raid plan

They should put rock-throwers at the back, with people armed to the death initially at the front. The Naruto runners and Crack heads would then run through that line after the first round of shots. Karens, anti-vaxx kids and Furries are just cannon fodder. Kyles will probably be busy fighting their step dads.

Anyway, with all of that said, people have been practising their Naruto running, with one guy hilariously being caught on film, running in and out of shot during a KTNV 13 Action News (ridiculous name) report in Nevada…


He’s got the posture down, I’ll give him that, but I’m not sure he’s outrunning any bullets. Maybe one of those big ones with the arms and faces in Mario? They’re pretty slow.

During the news broadcast, reporter Joe Bartels said:

There’s lots of campers and RVs because there’s no hotel rooms in this isolated area.

But there are people, we’re told, coming in from around the world and especially across the country interested to see what happens after that viral idea to storm Area 51 – that secret military base not far from here.


Authorities are expecting up to 30,000 people to show up during the course of this three-day music festival which begins tonight.”


Initially this was all started by the “Storm Area 51, They Can’t stop All Of Us” page, which has since been rebranded to Official Alienstock Tour. The description now reads:

Spawned from the now legendary “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” meme, comes AlienStock the TOUR!

Now you can party with Matty Roberts and meet the guys who were visited by the FBI, who forced the government to respond to a meme!

Nightclubs, Parties, Festivals, Meet & Greets and more… coming to a galaxy near you!

Seems like someone probably got a Cease and Desist visit from the ol’ government…

We’ll let you know if anything crazy happens.

Images via KTNV