Guy On Tinder Sends Woman Tirade Of Fat-Shaming Messages After She Rejects Him

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 22.03.19
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Tinder’s a funny old place and at first, it was pretty hard when you got turned down.

Sometimes I didn’t even have to do anything to be turned down. These are two genuine screenshots from the archives of my Tinder experiences…

and of course…

But I take rejection in my stride. God knows I’m used to it so it’s not really an issue now. One man who could do with my attitude – Tom – is the guy who showcased absolutely reprehensible behaviour when he was turned down by 22-year-old Becky.

In her bio, Becky laments on the plus-sides of dating a “fat girl”, like thus… well as making it blatantly clear that she was not up for a one-night stand.

Despite this, Tom still proposed both a sh*g, and proceeded to bodyshame Becky…

God what an awful man.

He really took that horribly.

It’s really hard to know what Tom is getting at there. Not only because of his bizarre grasp of the English language, but because his third message – the “bag of ket” one – really throws a spanner in the works, regarding tone.

I guess we just have to conclude that Tom’s a total pr*ck. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

He messaged me saying “fancy a shag?”. To me if someone sends that in a first message it’s a straight ‘no’.

I said ‘no’ to him in what I think was a polite way. I could have gone on a massive rant about how you shouldn’t speak to women like that but it wasn’t worth the argument.

Then I got all that abuse back. At first I was shocked. I’ve been called boring or frigid before by people on Tinder but this is the first time someone has really tried to hurt me.

But then I started picking up on all of his mistakes and it was making me laugh, like he called me the mad controller instead of the fat controller.

I also found it funny that he compared me to a Fiat 500 because I own a Fiat 500.

I tried to find the funny side. That’s my coping mechanism.. And I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of just blocking him and acting like he’d hurt me.

So I sent him a funny reply and it’s not the response he wanted. I got loads more abuse back.

It’s purely because I said ‘no’ to him that he was then being so spiteful.

He wasn’t giving me abuse out of nowhere. He messaged me asking for a shag but I knew I was better than what he was offering and he just couldn’t handle the rejection.

He wanted me to argue back and get upset so he could think he was the big man upsetting a girl but I wasn’t going to let him win.

And he was really unimaginative. He just picked up on one thing, the fact that I’m a big girl. But my whole bio is a jokey metaphor about dating a big girl.

He thought he was being funny so I thought it would be entertaining to give him a funny response back and he just couldn’t handle it. He ended up unmatching me.

I think he was really offended that I was seeing the funny side.”

Well that’s that then.

Images via Kennedy News and Media, Getty

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