A man gave up drinking alcohol after realising it was ruining his life and the pictures he took three years later show an incredible transformation.

Alcoholism is something that ruins lives to an insane degree. It’s often joked about with people referring to town drunks (not that they’re a thing anymore) and their boozy mate almost endearingly.

Kenny Dunn is one man who let his proclivity for drinking take over his life – having 12 to 24 drinks a night – and when he decided to do something about it, he went to Alcoholics Anonymous for meetings; something he absolutely swears by.

As he told BoredPanda:

I took a picture of myself the day I got my first sobriety coin, 24 hours sober. I felt so ill and I looked so bad, I wanted to remember it so I wouldn’t forget.”

After that, things started getting better and Kenny’s progress was more or less speaking for itself…

He added:

The day I got my 30-day coin, I thought my look had changed drastically so I took another selfie.”


On my one-year anniversary, I took my picture and posted a side by side on Reddit and called it the Progression of Sobriety.

I thought it would just be something uplifting for people to see, I had no idea I would get the kind of response that I did. The post was flooded with comments from people asking me about alcoholism and how I stopped drinking.”

The progress went on, with Kenny adding:

“As you can see from the pictures, I’ve lost 75 pounds (34 kilograms) since I got sober. I eat much cleaner and I exercise now.”


There is always somebody around to help, I just have to reach out. The most difficult part about living with such success in sobriety for me is avoiding what they call ‘resting on your laurels.’ Getting complacent and going back to my old way of doing things.

I get over it by going to lots of meetings as often as I can, working with other alcoholics, and practicing the spiritual principles in all of my affairs.

Amazing work!

Images via Reddit, BoredPanda