Guy Trolls His Girlfriend By Editing Her Photos To Make Her Forehead Look Massive

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Published 02.07.19

Guy Trolls His Girlfriend By Editing Her Photos To Make Her Forehead Look Massive

My girlfriend and I never take photos together, not because we’re ashamed of being seen with one another, but because we’re both very self-aware (and somewhat vain) about how thoroughly unphotogenic we are, particularly together.

We kid ourselves that we like to live in the moment and not ruin situations with cameras but really we just don’t want to be reminded of how bad we look. Insecure, yes, honest, absolutely.

Having said that, we do tease the other about it, because everyone knows that the staple of any healthy relationship is banter and ripping the sh*t out of your other half.

Theodore Gussie knows that well, and when his partner Adilene Venegas gets on his nerves, he edits her photos to make her look like she’s got a massive forehead.

Simple but genius.

“Sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead edited to be slightly bigger,” he wrote in a tweet which has since gone viral.

I mean, yeah, that thing is huge. I do like a big forehead on a girl though. I suppose it’s a weird characteristic to be into but horses for courses and all that.

The brave boyfriend also went on to explain that there was a correlation between the larger he made Adilene’s forehead and the more she had irritated him.

“I normally don’t post them but this is an actual thing I just slightly or drastically inflate her head depending on the anger level lol,” he added.

He then shared some other beauties he’d been working on:

People were understandably loving the idea, and dare I say it will be tempted to try it the next time their partner does something particularly annoying:

And clearly they do have a great relationship as Adilene made her own version of the edits. What did she do? The only thing she could do, I suppose. Photoshop some balls on his chin.

Safe to say this is that good lovin’ all relationships should have. Having a laugh, being a bit mean, but ultimately bringing it back around with love.

Couples goals right there.

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