Man takes matters into his own hands when activists block his route to work

Oh, dear. I mean, the morning commute is hard enough, isn’t it?


Actually, I’ve often joked that there’s something quite primal about commuter behaviour. Your average commuter – London especially – is aggressive, selfish and downright nuts. If you fall onto the tracks or lose a limb in a tube door, that’s really your problem.

But aggression is the biggie; God help you if you get in the way of a determined commuter as they’re dashing through London Waterloo at 8.20am with nothing but the Waterloo and City line on their minds.

Now I’ve painted that picture for you, let’s talk about the ultimate enemy of the city commuter – the climate change protestor… and maybe TFL.

Lest we forget when commuters met protestors last week at Canning Town tube station.


Climate change protests have been bringing some of the world’s biggest cities to a halt for months now. The rise of activist groups like Extinction Rebellion have helped create a worldwide movement and a platform for everyday people to take a stand against climate change.

Thousands upon thousands of adults and children have taken to the streets in major cities demanding global action against climate change.

Now say what you want about peaceful protesting, what can’t be denied is that if they work they can bring the streets of major cities to a screeching halt.


Enter, this American commuter, who was on route to work when he came across a group of climate change protestors linking hands across a busy road while holding a sign that read: WALK THE TALK.

As you can see, aggression reared its head with one commuter who was determined to get past the human roadblock.


The videos have racked up millions of views this week and we’re certain at least 8 million of those are us.

I’m not going to say I’m on any particular side of this, because honestly, they both have valid points. I personally want to save my planet from certain environmental destruction, but I also don’t have the time to sit on a wet road for hours on end holding a damp sign, as I have a job that expects me to show up.

This isn’t the first time a climate change demonstration has caught our eye here at The Hook.


In August, a funeral was held for the first glacier in Iceland to be officially declassified as a glacier, owing to global warming. In September, supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand was invaded by vegan animal rights protesters on Sunday in an attempt to prevent customers purchasing meat products.

Then of course, there was this, last week.

An Extinction Rebellion environmental activist road blocking


Police arrest Extinction Rebellion environmental activists protesting around Bank Junction

Hundreds of members of the Extinction Rebellion environmental activist group swarm Oxford circus

I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last time I write about commuters clashing with climate change protestors this year. In fact, I’m going to start stockpiling the gifs now. 

Images via Getty and Twitter