Guy’s Hilarious Reaction To Weird-Looking Cat Takes The Internet By Storm

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Published 05.03.19

Guy Michael Rapaport Hilarious Reaction To Weird-Looking Cat In Viral Instagram Video Takes The Internet By Storm

Every now and then you stumble across a viral video so good, so utterly pure in every form that you have to stop and take notice.

This is one of those videos.

US comic Michael Rapaport (who you might know as Phoebe’s bird-shooting boyfriend in Friends) recently stumbled across the most adorable yet completely horrifying creature you may ever lay your eyes on.


Rapaport posted a short clip of the Chinchilla Persian, known as Wilfred, on social media where the cat has since become a viral sensation.

Honestly the image of the cat is funny enough but with his commentary it’s certified comedy gold.

“It looks like Grandma, the f*cking thing!” he proclaims in his thick, New York accent, which completely makes the whole video.

Please, check it out below (be warned, though, there’s some pretty strong language in here)

Man that’s funny.

In the video he says: ‘Ma! There’s a weird looking stray cat outside, it looks like grandma. I don’t even know if that’s a cat, blink mother******!’

‘Yo! There’s a stray cat outside, I don’t want it starting a fight with Lucy!,’ he says before panning the camera to his own pet cat and saying ‘It’s OK Lucy don’t worry about it.’


His Instagram clip has amassed nearly 850,000 views and thousands of likes, although, sadly, it’s just a dubbed version of the original video which was shot in Finchley, north London.

However, ‘Wilfred Warrior’ is a celebrity in his own right, with over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

His owner, Jenna Millward, from Finchley has previously been forced to deny she Photoshops pictures of him.

She said:

“People think I’m photoshopping him, some have commented on pictures I’ve shared online and said he can’t possibly be real. I can assure you it’s not trickery, he’s definitely the real deal.


“Since he was a tiny kitten people have made comparisons. People have mentioned Kyle, the family pet from Despicable Me, the worm from Labyrinth, Steve Buscemi and the cat from Frankenweenie Mr Whiskers.

“It was like Tim Burton had just met Wilfred and decided to include him in his film.”

Here’s to you, Wilfred, you crazy, crazy cat.

Images via Twitter/Instagram