Guys Share Genius Self-Service Hack To Get A Free McDonald’s Burger

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 08.04.19
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I would say I have a love-hate relationship with Maccies but for that to be true there’d have to be some sentiment of hate involved.

Sure there’s plenty of guilt from time to time, but never hate.

Just this weekend I went on a mammoth pub crawl around Central London and after 11 pints of Guinness I happened to stumble into Maccies’ King’s Cross branch.

I couldn’t tell you what I ate because it was such a blur but I remember the security guard threatening to kick my friend out for taking a selfie and the food being great.

Standard Maccies trip really.

For time immemorial man has always tried to get free food, and until now it’s been a difficult feat to achieve.

Not for these two Aussie lads.

They’ve conned/duped/hoodwinked a pathetic self-service machine into giving them a free cheeseburger by finding some sort of fast-food price wormhole.

First, they selected the dollar hamburger option on the menu and requested 10 of them.

“We’ll have ten of these and we’ll customise them so we don’t want a regular beef patty so that takes $1.10 off our order, off our dollar hamburger,”one of them says.

They then added one regular hamburger to the order, saying:

10 pattyless burgers, one regular hamburger, oh we get our discounts, that’s pretty good.”

“When it gets to this screen, you’ll find that all the pattyless burgers have $1.10 taken off them so they’re all -$.10 and there’s a regular burger which is just a buck, leaving the total at $0,” he adds.

Check out this wizardry.

Absolute geniuses.

They’ve beaten the system, given it to the man and nothing makes sense anymore.

And so much for robots taking over. There’s no chance these self-service machines are taking people’s jobs – they can’t even get a simple order right. Tricked by its infinitely more intelligent creator.

Hats off to these two though, the world needs more of them.

These are the type of people you want in big business, in government even. Give em’ Brexit to sort out – they’d get us the deal we need.

Images via YouTube

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