Guy’s Viral Mugshot Gets Roasted By People In Hilarious Comments Section

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Uncategorised
Published 12.02.19
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There’s been plenty of viral mugshots recently, all as funny as the last.

The most memorable viral sensation was Charles Dion McDowell aka Neck Guy, who got thoroughly ripped apart for his gigantic neck.

Favourite comments of mine include: “they’re going to put him in jail and throat away the key,” “you should be ashamed of yourselves, all this neckativity isn’t right,” “he’ll be outta’ jail neck week,” and “his neck is still at LARGE.”

You would feel sorry for him if he wasn’t in trouble with the police and the comments weren’t incredible.

Like most people, I’d hate my mugshot being taken during any period, but I especially wouldn’t like it in today’s climate. I’m hideously unphotogenic and I’m not thick skinned enough to be able to handle this kind of online criticism.

If ever there was a deterrent for staying out of trouble.

Sadly, the story of Neck Guy didn’t filter down to this next guy, who’s been flirting with the wrong side of the law despite the fact he’s got a massive head that he’d obviously get ridiculed for.

Birmingham Police shared the following post on Facebook and the public did their duty.

#JAILED | A burglar has been jailed for three years after forcing his way into a home in Erdington.Cameron Marshall,…

Posted by Birmingham Police on Monday, 11 February 2019

They went in…

And that’s precisely why I hope I never get my mugshot taken.

People are brutal (hilarious).

Images via Facebook/Birmingham Police

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