Haemorrhoid sufferers are shoving frozen chips up their bums instead of visiting their GPs

Doesn’t a-peel to me, tbh. 

This bizarre trend has recently emerged online and has apparently become so widespread that doctors are having to speak out against it.

According to recent reports, people suffering with piles (a swollen vein or group of veins in the region of the anus) are resorting to shoving frozen chips up their bums, as some sort of bonkers home remedy, instead of visiting their GPs for treatment.

More and more desperate haemorrhoid sufferers are turning to the “old wives’ tale” following a surge in bullsh*t online articles suggesting that using a chip-sized piece of frozen potato as a suppository for 30 seconds can eradicate piles.

This, btw, is not one of those bullsh*t articles.

According to some of these articles, the acidic nature of raw spuds aids the pain and itching that comes with piles *shiver* and the ice constricts the blood vessels or something. Whatever, I’m not a doctor – and neither are any of these “journalists”.

According to Daily Star Online, one of these articles instructed the following:

“Here’s what you need to do: Peel a raw potato and cut into thin slices, like you do it for French fries.

“Put the slices into the freezer and wait until they are frozen.

“Insert the frozen potato slice in your anus and leave it inside for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for three to five days.

It continues:

“The next three to five days leave the slice inside for 30 seconds more each time.

“The potatoes have astringent properties and help relieve the pain and itchy sensation which usually happens with this condition, while the ice cold potato constricts the blood vessels, reduces the swelling and relieves your pain instantly.”

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GPs have spoken out following this rise in this stupidity/recreational fun. IJS.

Dr Diana Gall, from online doctor and prescription service Doctor-4-U, told Daily Star Online:

“Piles can be an irritating condition and sufferers are sometimes too embarrassed to get professional help, turning to old wives’ tales instead.

“There is no medical evidence that putting frozen potatoes inside the anus can help cure piles, so I would urge caution to anyone thinking of doing it.”

“Piles often go away on their own after a few days.”

So, there you go; if you have piles, see your GP and stay away from the frozen aisle in your local supermarket.

Never take medical advice from the internet*, huns. Never. 

*aside from the NHS, obvs.

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