As countries across Europe, including the UK, shut down hair and beauty salons to slow the spread of coronavirus, one Dutch hairstylist has defied convention by creating a genius hack in order to keep herself working.

Images showing the stylist working at Bella Rosa salon in Oss, north of Eindhoven, Holland, have gone viral after the stylist cut two holes for her arms to go through and two eye portals out of an umbrella whilst cutting hair.

It really is quite a sight, and we can’t help but applaud her ingenuity and determination to continue cutting mops.

The images has since racked up over 82k shares on Facebook alone.

During one clip, laughing can be heard in the background with the accompanying caption: “This not going well”.

Another clip shows the woman cutting a third hole in the brolly to carry out threading on a customer’s eyebrows.

The stylist can then be seen holding a thread in her mouth, while using both of her hands to achieve the clients desired look.

The arm holes amuse me the most.

Some social media users have called the stylist ‘crazy’ while another added: “Bunch of lunatics”.

But others thought it was a good idea saying: “You have an invention for everything, right. Super woman”.

With another commenting: “Haha, good idea”.

Not sure how keen I’d be to get my eyebrows threaded by someone dressed in an umbrella with only two little peep holes to see out of – probably end up with some very odd looking brows that’s for sure.

With salons across the country now closed indefinitely, who knows what we will look like in a few weeks/months time?!

Crappy nails, overgrown eyebrows, patchy tans, horrendous root regrowth – it’s almost unimaginable for many, but perhaps it’s a good time to start some DIY treatments from home.

YouTube has so many tutorials and it’ll fill some time.

I’ve just about surrendered myself to the au natural vibe.

Pointless getting dressed or slapping make-up on really.

Who’s gonna see me?

The Amazon delivery bloke and that’s about it.

My kids are becoming accustomed to the horrors now – the boyfriend just hides.

Oh well.

Images via Facebook