Halloween Advent Calendars Are Now A Thing And They Might Be Better Than Christmas Ones

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in News, World
Published 29.08.19

Halloween is right around the corner and this year I can actually count down the days with a spooky calendar in the shape of a haunted house! This is the best news ever.

Forget those cheap chocolate calendars they sell at Christmas, I’d much rather have a spooky surprise behind every door.

If you’re one of those people that get fed up of the summer half way through the heat wave – wishing the cold weather and darker evenings would hurry up and come back – then I imagine you’re a fan of Halloween. Oh, especially if you drink that pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks throughout October.


For me, Halloween is simply the best time of year and no one can convince me otherwise. I mean, who doesn’t love pumpkin carvings, trick or treating and watching horror movies that scare you senseless? Plus, I don’t know if it’s just me but I always feel like the autumn air smells more crisp and full of opportunity. That’s either factually true or I’ve read The Great Gatsby too many times.

Luckily for us Halloween lovers, there are now actual advent calendars we can buy to make the spooky season even more spooky.

I just cant wait to call October 30th ‘Hallows Eve’ to be honest with you.

Here’s some of the best calendars I could find:

1. Creepy Victorian Mansion Calendar

Okay, this calendar is truly a beautiful work of art. Its wood has been carefully sculpted and painted – and every door can be opened to see what hides behind. It’s around 37 inches tall, 34 inches in width and 7.5 in depth. Imagine the look on trick or treaters’ faces when they see this behind you as you open the door! Though it has a hefty price tag at $1,465 – I would say it’s totally worth it as it can be re-used every single year. Or, if you’re me – I’d keep it in my house all year long for decoration.

Where can I buy Halloween advent calendars?

You can buy them here.

2. Glow In The Dark Haunted House Calendar

Not only is this calendar glow in the dark, but it’s also DIY – which means you can pull out each drawer and add whatever scary surprise you want. Personally, I’d add fake spiders, some eyeball sweets, and a few spooky jokes.


I’d also probably add a few spiderwebs to the front of the calendar because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to these kind of things. This one is priced at $180, and it’s available to buy here.

3. Halloween Pull Out Box Calendar 

Handmade by Etsy seller ChubbyBearCrafts, this calendar is really unique through being customisable with quotes and trinkets. The pattern takes on the theme of black and orange – both colours which scream Halloween (in my opinion), and each box is carefully numbered between 1 and 31 with a spooky design.

What isn’t there to love? Oh yeah, and the price is even better at just $65. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to wake up on a cold day in October and pull out a box of tiny spider sweets from my Halloween calendar. You can get yours here.


4. The Hanging Calendar 

Looking for something child friendly for your wall? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. This hanging, 46-inch felt calendar has 31 pockets – designed to look like the windows of a haunted house – without terrifying the kids too much. Sounds perfect to me. The pockets can be filled with whatever you like, so maybe add a few tricks in there as well as treats. Mwuhaha! You can get this here for $33.97.


These calendars will make Halloween even more fun. 

Images via Etsy/Oriental Trading