Halloween Trees Are Now A Thing And They’re Even Better Than Christmas Ones

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in News, World
Published 13.09.19

Ah, Autumn. Otherwise known as the beginning of Christmas.

Shops are already selling Christmas cards, Christmas biscuits (I know because I demolished a box last week, sorry Diet Plan 2019) and Christmas food deals. It won’t be long until they dig the infernal Michael Bublé album out to play on repeat until New Year … and we haven’t even had Halloween yet.


However, fans of Halloween and Christmas in equal measure have come up with a marvellous plan to incorporate the latter into the spirit of festivity two months early: getting the plastic tree out of the attic, dusting it off and decorating it in the spookiest garb available.

Scientific studies recently discovered that people putting up their Christmas decorations makes them happier as a person, which explains why the grinning welder down the road from my house keeps his tree up in the living room all year round. This is clearly the case for others around the world who have all posted pictures of their spooky trees online.

Check it out:


Decorations for the trees can be purchased on Amazon, ranging from pumpkin shaped baubles, spider web tinsel and monster-themed ornaments to hide between the branches.


But you can also get ornaments such as black ceramic trees with orange lights and jack o’ lantern toppers to give an even spookier feel throughout the house. Ceramic Barn in America are providing these, but if you want one you’ll have to hurry up because they’re selling out fast.

Otherwise, these options can be purchased from Etsy.

As bonkers as this idea sounds, there is clearly a buzzing market for this kind of thing. Like regular ceramic Christmas trees, there’s probably going to be an intense interest in spending big money on collecting these for future generations to celebrate with.

And that’s not all – Halloween advent calendars are now also a thing – which you can check out here.


We’re going to get Halloween Santa Claus next aren’t we?

So long as it ends there. I can’t bear to imagine the new album from Michael Bublé: Holly Jolly Halloween, featuring a crooning version of ‘Monster Mash’ …

In the words of Hugo Reyes, dude … no.