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Handyman Turns The Tables On Squatters Who Took Over His Mother's Northern California House


A handyman turns the tables on squatters who took over his mother's Northern California house. A California handyman has become a hero to many after doing this. The story has been shared widely on social media and is seen as a rare victory for homeowners dealing with the scourge of squatting.

The saga began when the handyman, Flash Shelton, discovered that a group of squatters had taken over his mother's home in Northern California while she was out of town.

The squatters had changed the locks and were living in the house, refusing to leave despite repeated requests from the handyman and his mother. So, the handyman turns the tables on squatters who took over his mother's Northern California house.

Frustrated by the inaction of local law enforcement, the handyman decided to take matters into his own hands. He obtained a court order allowing him to re-enter the property and began a careful and strategic plan to evict the squatters.

According to reports, the handyman began by cutting off the water and electricity to the house, making it impossible for the squatters to continue living there. He then parked his car outside the property and set up a small campsite, effectively staking his claim on the property.

As the days went by, the handyman was able to make progress in evicting the squatters. He was able to get them to sign a document agreeing to leave the property, and he even helped them pack their belongings and move out.

The handyman's victory has been celebrated by many, who see it as a rare success story in the fightagainst squatting. Squatting has become a major problem in many parts of California and other parts of the country, with some estimates suggesting that there may be tens of thousands of squatters living in homes and buildings that they do not own.

The problem of squatting is compounded by the fact that it can be difficult for property owners to evict squatters, especially if they have established residency in the property. In many cases, squatters will claim that they have a right to stay in the property and may even file legal challenges to prevent their eviction.

The handyman's success has been attributed to his careful planning and his willingness to take action to protect his mother's property. Many homeowners facing similar situations have expressed frustration with the slow response of law enforcement and have argued that they should be allowed to take more direct action to protect their homes.

However, it is worth noting that eviction is a complex and often fraught process, and property owners should always proceed with caution and seek legal advice before taking action against squatters.

The issue of squatting is not unique to California but is a problem that is experienced in many parts of the world. In some countries, squatting is considered a social issue where individuals and families may occupy abandoned or unused properties as a way of finding affordable housing.

However, in many cases, squatting can lead to legal battles and disputes between property owners and the individuals occupying their properties. Squatters may also cause damage to the properties they occupy, leaving the owners with costly repairs and other expenses.

To combat the problem of squatting, many countries have enacted laws that criminalize the practice of occupying properties without permission. Property owners may also be able to take legal action against squatters through civil courts, although this process can be time-consuming and costly.

The story of the California handyman who successfully evicted squatters from his mother's house highlights the challenges that homeowners face in dealing with squatting. It also demonstrates the importance of seeking legal advice before taking any direct action against squatters.

In addition, the story underscores the need for local authorities and lawmakers to address the problem of squatting and to provide homeowners with the necessary tools and resources to protect their properties.

This may include stronger laws and enforcement measures to prevent squatters from occupying properties and to ensure that property owners have a clear legal path to evict them if necessary.

The handyman's success in evicting the squatters has been praised by many who see it as a victory for property owners' rights. However, it is important to remember that eviction can be a complex process, and property owners should always proceed with caution and seek legal advice before taking any direct action against squatters.

Handyman turns the tables on squatters who took over his mother's house

What To Do If You Discover Squatters In Your Home?

Discovering squatters in your home can be a frustrating and stressful experience. It can leave you feeling violated, helpless, and unsure of what to do next.

However, it is important to take immediate action to protect your property and ensure that the squatters are removed legally and safely. Here are some steps you can take if you discoversquatters in your home:

Contact Local Authorities

The first step in dealing with squatters is to contact local law enforcement authorities. Notify them of the situation and provide any evidence you have that the squatters are not authorized to be in your home.

The police will investigate the situation and may remove the squatters if they determine that they are illegally occupying your property.

Gather Evidence

It is important to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case against the squatters. Take photos or videos of any damage to your property or belongings, and document any conversations you have with the squatters.

Keep any correspondence, such as letters or emails, that you have received from the squatters. This evidence may be useful in legal proceedings, should they become necessary.

Squatting laws can be complex, and it is essential to seek legal advice before taking any further action against the squatters. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and obligations and guide you through the eviction process. They can also provide legal representation if you need to go to court to have the squatters removed.

Serve An Eviction Notice

If the squatters refuse to leave your property after being asked to do so, you may need to serve them with an eviction notice. This notice should be in writing and clearly state that the squatters are required to vacate the property within a specified time frame. The notice should also include information on the legal consequences of failing to vacate the property.

File A Lawsuit

If the squatters refuse to leave your property after being served with an eviction notice, you may need to file a lawsuit to have them removed. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, but it may be necessary to protect your property rights. A lawyer can guide you through the legal process and represent you in court.

Secure Your Property

While the legal process is underway, it is essential to secure your property to prevent further damage or occupation by the squatters.

Change the locks on your doors, windows, and gates to prevent unauthorized entry, and consider installing an alarm system or security cameras to monitor your property. If possible, visit your property regularly to ensure that it is secure and that the squatters have not returned.

People Also Ask

What Is Squatting?

Squatting is the practice of occupying an abandoned or unused property without the owner's permission.

Squatting is considered illegal in many countries and can result in criminal charges, fines, and other legal consequences.

What Can Be Done To Address The Problem Of Squatting?

Governments and local authorities can enact stronger laws and enforcement measures to prevent squatting and protect property owners' rights. Property owners can also take steps to secure their properties and seek legal advice if they suspect squatting has occurred.


California handyman turns the tables on squatters who took over his mother's Northern California house. This story has captured the attention of many and is seen as a rare victory for property owners dealing with the problem of squatting.

While the situation was resolved without violence, it is a reminder that property owners have the right to protect their homes and that squatting is a serious problem that requires action from local authorities and lawmakers.

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