Harrison Ford Set To Star In TV Adaptation Of True Crime Docuseries ‘The Staircase’

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Published 22.11.19

Harrison Ford looks set to star as Michael Peterson in TV adaptation of true crime docuseries, The Staircase

I basically couldn’t go up the stairs for a week after binging this series.


Remember last year when you couldn’t leave your house for three consecutive days because you just HAD to binge all 13 episodes Netflix’s The Staircase? I certainly do.

Netflix The Staircase

I also remember walking down my stairs like I’d just learned how to for a few weeks after finishing it. I have an active imagination.

Fans of the hit 2018 Netflix docuseries will be pleased to hear that according to Variety, Hollywood is planning to adapt the true-crime story that inspired the docuseries into a “scripted” television series. Better still, Hollywood icon Harrison Ford (yep, Indiana Jones and Han Solo) is set to star as infamous novelist Michael Peterson. Ford will also executive produce the series written by The Sinners’ Antonio Campo.


The Staircase (2018)

This “game-changing” true crime documentary series was immensely popular on Netflix last year. It followed the high-profile murder trial of American novelist Michael Peterson, after the death of his wife in 2001. Peterson claimed that his wife died after falling down the stairs in their home (hence the name). However, the medical examiner, determined that Kathleen Peterson had been beaten with a weapon, which led to Michael Peterson becoming a suspect in what would become one of the world’s most talked about murder investigations in decades to follow.

Kathleen Peterson
Kathleen Peterson

The series features a significant amount of first-person interviews with Michael Peterson, adding to the chilling nature of this unique documentary series.

Kathleen Peterson
Michael Peterson

If you missed out on last year’s hype, you can still watch all 13 episodes of The Staircase on Netflix right now. Oooh, and on that note, if you’re up for a real scare, don’t miss these 10 terrifying Netflix documentaries that are way scarier than any horror film.


Is a scripted version of The Staircase starring Harrison Ford OFFICIAL?

Harrison Ford

Although this is all very exciting – I can actually hear true crime fans squealing – I get a tad sceptical about these things until they’re officially confirmed by either a network, a streaming service, an actor or a representative. Sadly, we have no such confirmation; all we know is that this has come from a source close to Variety.

Although, no one’s responding to anyone’s requests for comments, which I’ve learned is often a good sign in this industry.


According to Variety:

“The project is currently being shopped to networks and streaming services.” I reckon once they find a home for the series, we’ll hear something more substantial.

Michael Peterson on trial

That all being said, it’s undeniably exciting news and certainly one to keep an eye out for if you were a fan of the Netflix series or you’re a fan of true crime in general.


Great, now I can’t go up the stairs again. Why do I watch this stuff? *turns on Bob’s Burgers and all the lights*