Angry Harry Potter Fans Are Comparing This Harry Potter Event to Fyre Festival

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Published 23.11.19

Harry Potter fans ‘muggled off’ after attending the “Fyre Festival” of Potter conventions in Montreal, Canada

The adult fan event has been described as the “Goblet of Fyre Festival”

And whoever came up with that pun should be writing at The Hook. Seriously.


When most of us think of Harry Potter we think of the incredible stories, the epic movies and the immersive and magical theme parks. All in all, we think of something legendary. The Wizarding World is a magical spectacle of a brand that can boast having some of the most loyal muggle fans in the world.

So, if someone’s going to throw a Harry Potter party or themed event, naturally, most guests will be expecting something magical and immersive that delivers – especially if said guests are hardcore Potterheads. I mean, f*ck, I’d expect Moaning Myrtle handing out cologne and mints in the loos, a 30-minute set from a Professor McGonagall drag queen and a public appearance from the Weasley twins at a decent HP media party these days.

Harry Potter event Canada

Harry Potter fans pay £29 for “magical disaster”

So imagine forking out £29 for an adult-only Harry Potter party, seduced by promises of free wands, magical cocktails, food worthy of a Great Hall chow-down and getting a takeaway chopstick, a rum and coke (probably a single, too) and some sh*t supermarket food. And that’s just a taste of the magical mess that was LOL Event’s Harry Potter fan event at the Rialto theatre in Montreal, Canada on 15th November.

Wand station

Fans set up Cheated by LOL Event Group on Facebook

Attendees are so riled up following the event – many demanding their money back – that they’ve set up a Facebook group called Cheated by LOL Event Group to shine a damning spotlight on LOL Events Group (the group behind the event) and luckily, for you lot, they’re spilling all the tea on this disastrous event in the group. One member posted a screenshot of the event description before it was removed from LOL Group’s official site.

LOL Event description

Sure, hon.

“Wand station” just glitter and takeaway chopsticks

In reality, fans were met with a “wand station” made up of glitter and takeaway chopsticks, a few spirits and mixers and the “Wizard Sweater Cookies, Cauldron Cakes and Butterscotch Beer Popcorn” turned out to be a scattering of supermarket snacks.


Food Harry Potter event

Oh, and the “photo opportunities” included a fake brick wall and a supermarket trolly for fans to take “Platform 9 3/4 photos”.

Harry Potter 9 3/4 quarters

YouTuber NerdECrafter posts video of event to her 1 million subscribers

Youtube user NerdECrafter – who has almost 1 million YouTube subscribers – attended the event and recently published a video exposing video, called“I got scammed at a Harry Potter party”. She said:

“The whole vibe was a huge downer.

“So many people are dressed up amazingly but no one is happy, everyone has been complaining non-stop.

“It was supposed to be adults only but it seems to have been organised by a 10-year-old. It’s a magical disaster.”


Harry Potter event being compared to 2017’s Fyre Festival


The disastrous event has been dubbed as such a sh*t show by fans that LOL Events has now removed any trace of the event from their website.

“It felt like an insult to every Harry Potter fan,” one guest said. “Half the people just left”.

The event and the subsequent reactions have been compared to the 2017 ULTIMATE sh*t show that was Fyre Festival, the “luxury festival” in the Bahamas endorsed by countless celebrities that ended up being Hell on Earth for attendees.

Fyre Festival

Harry Potter event


From what I gather, some attendees are getting fully refunded for the failed event.

Has JK Rowling heard about all of this? ‘Cause, fans, if you want to see some real magic, wait ’till she gets wind of this sh*t show. #WizardingWar

Images via Facebook (Cheated by LOL Event Group and Sarah Chamaillard)and YouTube (NerdECrafter)