A library has created a virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room that can keep you busy during the horrible, horrible lockdown.

I went to an actual escape room once in Slovenia and sure, it was pretty fun, but at the end of the day you’re just looking for codes that will direct you to the next code, which will then direct you to another code and eventually you find the code that will tell you how to open the door.

Just like a real room, really. You’d think that being trapped in a Harry Potter room would be fairly easy to navigate if you had something like a wand, but apparently not, as a library has made a Harry Potter escape room and the answer presumably isn’t just saying ‘alohamora’ when you find a door.

Harry Potter escape room

The Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania, America are those responsible for the fun little creation and they’ve made it available for all Harry Potter lovers to play online.

The game was built by Youth Services Librarian Sydney Krawiec and can be completed as a group or as an individual, with the website saying:

You can compete against friends and try it multiple times. Just make sure you have fun!

Don’t tell me what to do.

Harry Potter

The game starts with you going to Hogwarts as a first year student, where you’re roped into a ‘fun team building activity’ that’s popular with muggles. Imagine going to a magical school and the first thing you do is a muggle game. You’d be livid.

The game begins:

The house prefect announces that you have a fun team building activity to complete before you get too settled into your new digs.

The house prefect tells you about a new muggle trend where they lock themselves in rooms and have to answer puzzles to get out – no magic at all!

Sounds fun.

Your old pal Alfie might even give it a go.

Images via Warner Bros.