Despite ongoing controversy surrounding author JK Rowling’s stance on transgender people, it has been announced that an official Harry Potter statue, depicting actor, Daniel Radcliffe will be placed in Leicester Square’s north terrace in London.

The statue will show Potter in a Quidditch scene from the first film adaptation, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Created by award-winning sculptor, Andrzej Szymczyk the statue will be unveiled later this month near the location of the franchise’s debut world premiere in 2001.

Josh Berger, president of Harry Potter global franchise development at Warner Bros said: “Statues in this impressive installation represent some of the most iconic characters and actors in movie history, and we are delighted to see Harry Potter soaring across the Square”. 

“The Harry Potter series has delighted fans of all ages for decades and we hope that this will continue to bring people joy”. 

In other Potter news, fans will be delighted to discover that amongst a number of new PS5 games that were announced yesterday ahead of the next-gen console release, there will be a Harry Potter open-world game: Hogwarts Legacy.

Notably, one of the biggest reveals of the PlayStation showcase, Hogwarts Legacy, which has been rumoured to be in the works since 2018, depicts a wondrous world of wizardry with many of the creatures and locations that were conceived by Rowling in the hit series of books.

What’s more, you don’t even have to fork out on the new console to immerse yourself in the realm of Hogwarts, according to the official website, Legacy will also be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles.