Harry Styles is a man walking among mere mortals, and the only bloke I know of who could dress like my gran and still get away with it.

That curly headed, baby-faced crooner has come a long way since the humble days of the X-Factor, and although I absolutely want to hate him out of raging envy, I can’t bring myself too.

He’s too precious of a man.

Not only that, but he’s also crazy talented, managing to get me to sing the phrase ‘Wartermelon Sugar’ for a good few days after hearing his latest song, which might be the catchiest chorus of 2020.

And it appears as though his talents know no bounds, as the former One Direction man is lending his service to the Calm app, in order to soothe us to sleep with his dulcet tones.

The app app teased ‘something’ coming on Wednesday along with a watermelon emoji, with the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer since liking their Instagram post.

The Calm app is a brilliant little service, offering users increased levels of mindfulness and well-being through their meditation and stress-reducing exercises as well as their bedtime stories.

You’ve probably heard some French bloke saying something like, ‘time – what does it all mean?’ on a brief YouTube ad – well that’s Calm.

It remains to be seen what he actually partakes in, with some fans suggesting he could well read a bedtime story, perhaps even Louis the Fish, which could be closely linked to his Adore You music vid.

Needless to say, though, fans were losing their minds.

It’s a clever idea from the Calm folk, and they may or not be taking tips from the immensely popular CBeebies’ series Bedtime Stories, which gets celebs like Tom Hardy to read bedtime stories to kids.

Not that kids particularly give a rats arse about Tom Hardy – it seems to mostly be for thirsty middle aged women who fancy a bit of late-night eye candy.

It’s not difficult is it – get a hunky heart-throb closely aligned with your brand and voila, buzz generated.

Anyway, keep your ears peeled (open?) for Styles’ stories.