Hasbro Is Releasing A ‘Stranger Things’ Monopoly And It’s All The Upside Down Fun You Need

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming, TV
Published 12.07.19

Thanks to the marketing geniuses at Hasbro and Netflix, you can now play Stranger Things-themed Monopoly.

Stranger Things season three has been out for around eight days and I’ve already seen every single spoiler possible. I’m furious, obviously, but clearly in the wrong job mostly.

It’s a record-breaking show and people waited the best part of two years for it to come out. I don’t know what I was expecting, watching one episode a day like some kind of idiot.


I’ll be honest though, I got to episode three and it just seemed like I was watching a bunch of 14-year-olds kissing and call me old fashioned, but that seems pretty weird. I probably didn’t give it enough time.


That’s enough of trying to lengthen this article though, because I’m going to start talking about the Stranger Things Monopoly right about…. now!

Stranger Things Monopoly now exists, and comes as a team up effort from the chaps at Netflix and Hasbro.

stranger things monopoly new


Inspired from all three seasons of the show, you can play as all sorts of bits and bobs (such as Steve Harrington’s naily baseball bat), and properties are places and creatures that have featured.

Instead of houses and hotels, you get forts and glow in the dark hideouts, and you can even pick up an upside down card, which totally reverses your lead.

new stranger things monopoly

Sadly Stranger Things Monopoly is only available on pre-order, and costs a pretty hefty £40. Maybe just play normal Monopoly and put Stranger Things on?


stranger things monopoly game

To be honest, I don’t get themed Monopoly. It just seems to lose all of its kitsch fairly pretty early on. I once had Arsenal Monopoly that was obsolete the next year because most of the players (which were like the properties) left or got replaced.

You do you, though.

Images via Netflix, Hasbro