NERF Halo blasters are coming, meaning you can fulfil your dream of being Mr Chief, Doomchap or Spartin (Sparty for short).

At this point I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a PlayStation boy and I’ve only ever played a Halo game once. I’ve no idea why they’re so popular. In the one I played, there was no aim functionality.

How is that a good first-person shooter?!


I do, however, really like that one advert that came out for a Halo game years ago where it was some chap running around in a war before getting shot down, and because I’m a big fan of NERF gun, I’m intrigued by the NERF Halo range.

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“The possibilities are infinite….” Check our story for details!

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With Halo Infinite on the way, Hasbro’s NERF have teamed up with the team behind the popular video game franchise to make two single-shot MicroShots – the SPNKr and The Needler – as well as the the motorised 10-dart NERF Halo MA40 Blaster.


Buying said blasters will also unlock further content in the video game, because it’s 2020 and of course it will.

Hasbro NERF Halo

This comes after the successful team-up of NERF and Blizzard for an Overwatch range of NERF blasters.


Overwatch is a game I bought and again, I’ve no idea how that got so popular. There’s no story, it’s just a bunch of colourful weirdos jumping around, shooting each other.

Hasbro Halo NERF Blasters


It also just drops you straight into the deep end. There’s hardly any training with non-online players and since everyone who plays Overwatch seems to be professional to some degree, it’s really not good for people who aren’t good at video games; i.e. me.

Hasbro Halo NERF Blasters


I think that’s my real issue; unless I’m playing a driving game and maybe that PS4 Spider-Man, I’m really really bad.

Even at FIFA. I like to think I have a good footballing brain, but I’m genuinely appalling at FIFA. I seldom beat a friend at FIFA and when I do, a very big thing is made of it.

Sick of it.

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