HBO Drop Terrifying Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’

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Published 18.10.19

HBO drop terrifying trailer for new Stephen King series The Outsider

HBO and Stephen King? Here for it.

HBO, the network behind shows like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies and Westworld just dropped the first trailer for their new original series The Outsider, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 2018 novel of the same name.

And from what we’ve gathered from the two-minute trailer, horror fans are in for a f*cking treat.

But come on, it was hardly going to be another sh*tter of a Stephen King adaptation (I’m looking at you, Dreamcatcher and Sleepwalkers. Just no, hon.) on HBO was it?

Sleepwalkers by Stephen King


First trailer: HBO’S new original series, The Outsider

The first trailer, released on 17th October, transports us straight to the crux of this modern-day horror-mystery.

Little-league coach (I’m already creeped out) Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman, Arrested Development, Ozark) is accused of murdering a young boy called Frankie Peterson. His fingerprints are all over the crime scene, but video cameras place him sixty miles away?

How could he be in two places at once?

Here’s the trailer:

I’m kind of getting Gone Girl and The Haunting of Hill House meets modern-day amped-up Agatha Christie vibes from the trailer and to be honest, I am so here for it.

I’m a big fan of Stephen King, so naturally, I like his adaptations done right (still looking at you Dreamcatcher and Sleepwalkers) – and let’s face it, HBO tend to do things right.

Scrap that – exceptionally.

HBO series The Outsider coming January 2020

To be fair, the cast alone shows that HBO mean business with this one.

Alongside Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman, you can look forward to Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline, Ready Player One), Cynthia Erivo (The Color Purple), Bill Camp (Joker, The Night Of) and Cynthia Erivo (The Color Purple), Paddy Constantine (Informer, Peaky Blinders) and Mare Willingham (American Horror Story) all gracing your screens in this creepy AF thriller come January 2020.

So, yeah, I’m feeling optimistic about The Outsider.

Yasss, King!

We really are living in the Golden Age of Stephen King, aren’t we?

HBO have announced that the first episode of The Outsider will premiere on 12 January 2020, off the back of the cinematic release of the upcoming feature film Doctor Sleep – dubbed “the next chapter in The Shining story” – later this month.

Add that to the success of some indie movie about a homicidal alien clown that picked up a fair bit of attention a couple of months ago and it’s safe to say that King’s life is no horror movie right now.

New Stephen King series The Outsider coming to HBO

Look at him. He’s absolutely loving life.


The Outsider premieres 12 January on HBO and I will be inside watching. 

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