HBO Has Digitally Removed The Coffee Cup From ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Published 08.05.19

The ‘Starbucks’ coffee cup that appeared in the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones caused quite a stir. Now, though, HBO have sadly removed it.

If you’re a producer or even just a part of the cast and crew of Game Of Thrones, you’re bound to be a little peeved about the fact an innocuous coffee cup made more headlines than the actual episode.

All that time and meticulous effort put into the costumes, sets and CGI, and a pathetic white-lidded liquid holder steals the limelight. Fuming.


Anyway, after eagle-eyed fans caught the stray cup sitting alongside Daenerys during the rowdy post-Battle of Winterfell celebrations, the internet exploded with theories about why it was there, and just all-round ruddy great memes.

But sadly, coffee cup is no more, after it’s been digitally removed from the episode, an HBO spokesman confirmed to CBS News Tuesday.


HBO edited out the coffee cup seen in the latest episode from HBO Now and HBO GO, and instead, the scene now shows Daenerys Targaryen holding a single dark container near an empty stretch of table where the cup formerly sat.

However, while many of the jokes focused on it being a Starbucks cup, a source told The Wall Street Journal it didn’t actually come from the chain.

The report said:

“As it turns out, the cup came from the production’s craft services and not from Starbucks, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

Still, despite not being a Starbucks cup, experts reckon the coffee chain has made a mint out of all this free advertising.

Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded, which specialises in product placement and other entertainment marketing campaigns, said:

“The PR value on this is well over $1 million in word-of-mouth and how people are actually engaging — look at all of the memes that are being created.


“It doesn’t even matter whether the brand on that cup is Starbucks or not, because so many people think that it is, and hundreds of thousands of people are already commenting on it, circling [the cup] in the scene [in their screen-capture images], and calling it out. I would say the value for Starbucks on this scale is well into the millions, plural, of dollars.”

Furthermore, Eric Smallwood, president Apex Marketing Group Inc., valued the cup at more than $11.6 million after taking into account all the media coverage it’s had.

The big boys just keep on winning.

But what we really care about is how it got there in the first place.

My money’s on Sansa – who we already know to be a master manipulator. Look at her here, scheming away.

It’s the perfect crime.

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