Heartwarming New Photo Shows Tiger Numbers Are Indeed On The Rise

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Published 11.01.20

Heartwarming photograph shows the number of tigers living in the wild in India is on the rise

A much needed ray of hope right here.

A photograph of an adult tiger walking her five cubs down a path in Dudhwa National Park in India has been melting hearts all over the internet this week. The stunning nature shot was recently shared by Parvenn Kaswan, a conservationist who works for the Indian Forest Service, on Twitter. The image has racked up over 16,000 likes and over 3,600 retweets on Twitter.


“Efforts are helping in making the species bounce back from verge of extinction”

Kaswan posted the following caption go accompany the photo, pointing to how conservation efforts seem to be helping this species bounce back from the verge of extinction:

“This is a magical picture. Count the #cubs with #tigress. I know for a reason how few people will be elated after seeing this. Efforts are helping in making the species bounce back from verge of extinction. PC Siddharth Singh. Magical Terai.”



Kaswan later said:

“The photographer thanks all. This is the very purpose of conservation photography, providing the right message to masses.

“Also it garnered good international support. Including one of the UK Journalist who asked me that he wants to cover story of these five โ€˜lionsโ€™.”

It wasn’t me. I’ve watched The Jungle Book and The Lion King enough times now to know the difference.


A beautiful example of how humans can make change happen

It’s all too easy to assume that humans have gone too far on this Earth; to assume our damage is done. This photograph is a beautiful example of how that is far from the truth. Our actions right now can make an overwhelming difference; yes, we’ve made huge mistakes as a species, but now is the time to make amends. If the endless efforts of conservationists and animal activists hadn’t of happened, it’s likely the cubs in Kaswan’s photo would never have been born. They’re here because of change.


All the feels

The Twitter comments seem to reflect similar sentiments:


“After a century of decline, overall wild tiger numbers are starting to tick upward”

WWF recently revealed that wild tiger numbers are indeed on the rise (only adding to the epic feels we’re getting from this photo):

“After a century of decline, overall wild tiger numbers are starting to tick upward. Based on the best available information, tiger populations are stable or increasing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and China.

“An estimated 3,900 tigers remain in the wild, but much more work is needed to protect this species if we are to secure its future in the wild. In some areas, including much of Southeast Asia, tigers are still in crisis and declining in number.”


Australia needs the world’s help

This heartwarming photo was taken at a time when other animals have been making headlines in Australia for devastating reasons. Experts estimate that over one billion animals have been killed in Australia as a result of the ongoing bushfire tragedy.

An injured koala is treated at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Zoo on 10th January 2020 in Kangaroo Island, Australia.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons, filmed the event that saw the firefighters touch down in Sydney before their journey to Victoria. Upon entering the airport, the workers were met with cheers and applause from locals. You can watch the heartwarming moment here.


Another example of humans trying to make change and clean up the past. More of this news please.ย 

Images via Twitter/Parveen Kaswan/Siddharth Singh. Magical Terai and Getty