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Heating Lunchbox - The Best Ones You Can Buy Online

When you're out all day, it's normal that you end up with a boring cold lunch or you just skip a meal altogether. However, regular dietary planning is better for your body. That's where the heating lunchbox comes in.

Morgan Maverick
Jun 07, 202227 Shares1232 Views
When you're out all day, it's normal that you end up with a boring cold lunch or you just skip a meal altogether. However, regular dietary planning is better for your body. That's where the heating lunchboxcomes in.
You can heat your food just by plugging it into a wall or car outlet, so you can enjoy a hot meal anywhere, in the office, or on the go.

Portable Heated Lunch Box Types

If you just want to take your meal back to the office, you can opt for a lunch box that can only be plugged into a regular socket.
If you're not sure if you have a standard outlet, you can opt for an electric lunch box that comes with both a car power cord and a standard outlet. This gives you the option of portability.
Most electric lunch boxes are made of high-quality plastic with stainless steel food containers that are easy to remove and clean, but if you prefer more traditional lunch boxes or food containers you can choose a heat-insulated lunch box.
When plugged in, it regulates the temperature and warms the food.
And to make it easier to pack a hearty meal, some lunch boxes come with utensils (compartments/portions), so all you have to do is prepare your favorite meal.

Best Heated Lunch Box List

Whether you're making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these are the best heating lunch boxes that serve hot food right away, without the need for a microwave or stove.

Hot Bento Lunch Box

Hot meals in 10 to 15 minutes - anywhere.
The Hot Bento is a battery-powered device that stores food until it is consumed.
With the push of a button, your meal will heat up in minutes. No other product is slim, sturdy, ergonomic, and comparable to this product.


  • Weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 14.8v, 2200 mAh, 32.56W, Airplane-Safe
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
  • AC Adapter: 100-240v
  • Food Safe: stainless steel meal tray with non-stick coating on it
  • Protection: 6-layer PCBA, individual cell circuitry, water-resistant and fire retardant
  • Operating Temperature: up to 210° F
  • Heating Time: 10-15 minutes, depending on contents 
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 6.25" x 2.5"


The heating technology developed for the award-winning Cauldryn bottles is suitable for heating food.
The patent-pending Hot Bento is a fully portable food heating system.
The Power System powers a unique heating element that transfers heat from a multi-circuit lithium-ion battery that is safe for aircraft to a heat-conducting stainless steel food tray.
Brown and white Bento electric lunch box
Brown and white Bento electric lunch box

LunchEAZE Self-Heating Lunch Box

Lunch EAZE is the perfect stress-free lunch.
Automatic heating starts 2 hours before the set meal, so the meal is hot and can be prepared on schedule.
It keeps heating for another 30 minutes, so you can enjoy a hot meal at your own pace.


  • No more lunch lines or microwaves needed
  • There is no more non-uniform temperature
  • Ready to freeze
  • Free thermal-insulation bag
  • Detachable stainless steel food container
  • Food safe and BPA free
  • Great for daily meal preparation and special meals
  • Remains double sealed to prevent spills
  • Reminds you of daily meal times
  • Save money on meals

Cordless Heated Lunch Box

LunchEAZE is the only heated lunch box that doesn't need to be left plugged in.
Just charge and eat hot meals everywhere. Each charge follows 2.5 hours of heating.

Automatic Heater

The heating cycle starts automatically 2 hours before the set meal time, so your meal is warm and ready at the right time.
You can enjoy your meal at your own pace with a total heating cycle of 2.5 hours after heating for another 30 minutes.

Bluetooth App Function

You can easily adjust or manually change your settings using the optional free Lunch EAZE app.
An additional option, Heat Now, gives you complete control over busy schedule changes.

Full Temperature Control

Set the maximum temperature between 170 to 220 ° F for your perfect custom lunch. The temperature display keeps you informed of what temperature the food has reached.
Black and grey LunchEAZE lunch box with its features
Black and grey LunchEAZE lunch box with its features

Toursion 1-Liter Electric Lunch Box

This electric lunch box comes with a car plug and a regular outlet so you can use it on the go or in the office.
The lunch box is made of food-grade plastic with a stainless steel tray with three compartments for separating side dishes from the main course.
A handy indicator light will let you know that your lunch box is hot, and when your lunch is ready, you can easily lift and clean the stainless steel tray.
There's also a cookware storage box at the top, which includes a fork and spoon, so you only have to pack your favorite food.
According to one reviewer, “Love this thing. I work construction and get tired of sandwiches and buying lunch every day gets costly. I heated up some leftover Hamburger Helper. Took about 20 minutes. I like that it comes with a spoon and a fork.”
Power: 12-24 volt car outlet and 120-volt wall outlet.
Features of white and green Toursion lunch box shown in the poster
Features of white and green Toursion lunch box shown in the poster

People Also Ask

How Do Self-Heating Lunch Boxes Work?

Portable food warmers are compatible with most flat-bottom food containers. All you have to do is put the container with your lunch in the bag, and insert the plug, and heat it. The tote is insulated, so it regulates the temperature of the food for hours.

How Long Do Electric Lunch Boxes Take To Heat Up?

It usually takes 20 to 50 minutes to heat the food. Uses energy-saving PTC heating components that provide protection against overheating. Use a low-consumption heat cycle to keep food at the right temperature.

Heatbox - portable self Heating Lunch Box

Are Electric Lunch Boxes Healthy?

Food can be safely stored in an electrically heated lunch box. Their stainless steel and food-grade plastics mean that toxins do not enter your food or your body during the heating process.


Have you ever tried heating lunch box? Do you find it useful? Do share your review in the comment section below.
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