Heinz Has Launched A New Sauce Made From Ketchup And Mayo In The UK

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 09.08.19

Heinz are finally launching their famous ‘Mayochup’ in the UK after a successful launch in the US and a previous announcement early this year.

Mayochup is exactly what you think it is really, and though it’s painfully easy to make – you end up accidentally making most of the time you have these two condiments on a plate together – you’ll soon be able to buy it pre-made in shops.


It is what it is, really. Mayonnaise (something I just realised I’ve never had any cause to write out in full) and ketchup all mixed up in a squeezy bottle.

The only difference between this Mayochup and the sauce you sometimes make at home, with various people daring to call it “special” sauce, is that you make yours with Hellmans mayo and not Heinz.

No one buys Heinz mayonnaise. I’m sure it’s fine, but it’s just not done. The only time you see it is when the cafe you’re at has some sort of deal with Heinz and even then, that bottle ran out of branded mayo a long time ago, now you’re eating value ‘white egg dip’.


Actually there’s another difference that I forgot to mention between homemade Mayochup and Heinz’s; Heinz have to call theirs Saucy Sauce for legal reasons in Europe.

Bring on Brexit, eh? Where Mayochup is Mayochup and we have to pay £56 for a crepe!

Saucy Sauce will be available exclusively at Tesco from the 23rd of August, costing £2.69 for a 400ml bottle.

If you’re interested, Saucy Sauce contains 1.5g of salt and 12g of sugar per 100g.

Rather hilariously, I was going to use the argument for Saucy Sauce, saying that if you love that mix but hate ketchup and mayonnaise separately, then you’d be saving money by buying it premixed, but no…


220ml bottles of Heinz ketchup and mayo cost £1 from ASDA respectively, so you’re actually paying 69 pence (wheheeey) more for 40ml less, you just don’t get to choose the ratios used.

Of course this didn’t stop the condiment going down a storm in America though, ‘Mayomust’ (mayonnaise and mustard) and ‘Mayocue’ (mayo and barbecue sauce) being realised in the wake of the popularity.

Let’s all join in hoping those sauces don’t find their way over the Atlantic.

Images via Getty, Heinz