Heinz Have Released A 570-Piece Ketchup Jigsaw That’s Completely Red

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Published 13.05.20

Heinz have released their own entry into the world of puzzles, as you can now get your hands on an all red ketchup puzzle made up of 570 pieces.

Puzzles aren’t my bag. I have no idea why they’re so damn popular right now but I don’t suppose my stupid opinion will do anything to slow the craze down whatsoever.

They’re just so twee. You so rarely see a puzzle that makes up a picture that’s something you’d actually want on your wall and where’s the fun in putting together a picture that someone’s jumbled up? NOT FOR ME, THANKS.

Despite that, Heinz made a ketchup puzzle.

All red, such is the hue of ketchup, this puzzle is made of 570 pieces that look exactly the same as the next – bar the shape – and it’s fair to say that it would take you a while the see it finished.

Sadly you can’t simply venture to the shops and pick yourself one up, nor can you buy one on Amazon or something, as Heinz are making this obtainable through online giveaway only.

There are only 57 puzzles available total, in honour of the 57 varieties of Heinz that’s labelled on every bottle, despite there being far more Heinz variations these days I’m sure.

That’s also why the puzzle is made of 570 pieces, incidentally.

Heinz puzzle

If you want one, then all you need to do is comment on the Heinz Instagram post who you would finish the puzzle with, presumably tagging your friend in the process. At the present, it’s unclear how many of these puzzles are left…

Meanwhile, one company in Japan has decided to say “sod it all” to the point of puzzles and create one that’s completely blank and seemingly impossible to complete.

Just what you needed for the lockdown, eh?

2000 piece blank jigsaw heinz

The puzzle, from Beverly Japan, has been described as “pure hell” and you can see why. It genuinely looks like one of the worst things someone could partake in.

If normal 2000-piece puzzles are anything to go by, then by all accounts, this one will take the best part of a year to complete, if you can even bear to look at the assorted pieces on your table for more than three minutes.

The box makes it clear to all who pass that this puzzle isn’t something you should take part in if you’re anything less than a puzzle master, as warnings read ‘the great king of hell has arrived’ and ‘please do not buy this if you are a beginner.’

1000 piece blank puzzle

On top of that, there’s a skull and crossbones plastered on the box, presumably because this puzzle has killed a man. You just can’t predict tabletop games these days.

You can get the 2000-piece puzzle on eBay if you’re feeling up to it or, if you’re after something that’s 50% easier, you can get your hands on a 1000-piece puzzle on Amazon.

If I may though – and I could be wrong because I’m not smart – going by the picture, all of the pieces look like they’re the same shape, so wouldn’t take make it incredibly easy, if not dangerously monotonous.

Blank jigsaw puzzle

I’m probably wrong.

If you want to save money though and you already have a 2000-piece puzzle in your house, couldn’t you just paint that white or, better yet, just do it upside-down?

I don’t know. I’m not a puzzle company.

Images via Beverly Japan, Heinz